17 Sep 2013

Don’t Let the Natural Gas Industry Frack the Facts

Today, the Center for Energy and Environmental Resources released a study funded by the Environmental Defense Fund and the natural gas industry that stated two things: that the sample size it looked at is “not sufficient” to fully understand the methane pollution from fracking, and that the rates of methane

16 Sep 2013

A “No Deniers Rule” For Solutions Companies

Is it possible for environmentally conscious companies to operate in Washington D.C. without selling their clean energy souls? Customers asked this question earlier this year when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s lobby group FWD.us released ads supporting the dirty tar sands oil pipeline, Keystone XL, and again this summer when news

28 Aug 2013

“We Are All Connected”

Today, the progressive movement is standing together to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington because we want to protect working families, keep our air and water clean, and ensure justice for every American. Corporate money is currently flooding our political system and drowning out the voices of

05 Aug 2013

Are You in Danger of a Preventable Chemical Plant Explosion?

Yesterday, President Obama issued an Executive Order mandating that the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Labor and Homeland Security to develop plans for new safety measure at chemical plants like the one in West, Texas that exploded in April, killing 17 people and injuring hundreds. That West, Texas

15 Jul 2013

If You Want to Breathe Clean Air, Senate Reform and Democracy Matter

  Watch the Netroots Panel “The Three Keys to Reclaiming Democracy” in this video This week, the Senate will decide whether they will end Congressional gridlock with a simple majority, or if they will continue to allow obstructionist lawmakers to paralyze the government with partisan gimmicks. For our health, our communities, and

25 Jun 2013

President Unveils “Obama Climate Pollution Test” for Future Energy Projects

Today, in his speech at Georgetown University, President Obama challenged us to answer the essential question for every future energy policy decision we face – what will the net climate impact be if this project goes forward? It was a bold, monumental speech, the best by not only this president,

25 Jun 2013

For Our Future, Today Can’t Be Obama’s Final #ActOnClimate

This afternoon at Georgetown University, President Obama plans to announce a series of “steady, responsible steps” to tackle climate change. It appears that the President will finally begin to make good on his climate promises, but to truly meet his obligation to future generations, this must be the foundation –

18 Jun 2013

How Shell is trying to send a chill through activist groups across the country

This article is co-authored by Ben Jealous One of our most important rights as Americans is the freedom to express ourselves. This takes the form of voting, it takes the form of activism, and it takes the form of our First Amendment right to free speech. This summer, the 9th

17 Jun 2013

Why North Carolina’s ‘Moral Mondays’ Matter for Democracy and the Planet

  Every Monday for the past month, North Carolina citizens from across the spectrum have gathered at the State House in Raleigh to protest the pro-corporate, anti-rights agenda of the legislature’s newly elected Republicans. The top priority of these Republicans is to pass every law imaginable to wreck the environment

12 Jun 2013

A Breakthrough in How We Work to Protect Our Oceans

The Bering Sea is known to scientists and conservationists as one of the most remarkable places on Earth — a home to sponges, coral, fish, crab, skates, sperm whales, orcas, Steller sea lions, and a vast array of other species all part of a delicate ecosystem extremely vulnerable to human