18 Apr 2011

Henry Kissinger Had a Boob Job!

Actually I do not know if Henry Kissinger in fact did have a boob job. It's more of an unconfirmed rumor. But it is possible that Henry Kissinger had his boobs done–most likely breast reduction and possibly pec implants. I guess it is inappropriate to write about the body modifications

07 Apr 2011

Losing Ourselves to Violence. Review of the Jack Bank part two

Yesterday I wrote the first of a four part review of Glen Retief’s The Jack Bank, A Memoir of a South African Childhood, and shared an excerpt about the shadowy sense of privilege the author sensed as a child, but could not name. The central incident of the book revolves

06 Apr 2011

Revisting a racist past–Review of The Jack Bank

I begin a four-part review of Glen Retief's new book, The Jack Bank, A Memoir of a South African Childhood. [Full Disclosure: I have slept with the author. In fact, he acknowledges as much in his opening remarks.] Childhood can be such a murky, shadowy time when viewed from the

30 Mar 2011

#exgaysurvivor Sharing Ex-Gay Harm in 140 characters or less

« Ex-Gay Survivor Deniers. No Insult like the Truth #exgaysurvivor tweets – Ex-Gay harm in 140 characters or less… March 30, 2011 by p2son | Edit Dr. Jallen Rix, co-facilitator of Beyond Ex-Gay,  an online resource for people who suffered harm as a result of trying to change and suppress their sexual

23 Mar 2011

Exodus sets the record straight–No Ex-Gay Cure! Then what?

Wow, I feel like I woke up into an alternate reality–a mind bending Inception-like film.  Nothing new for me. I am an ex-gay survivor. I spent 17 years in what is known as the Ex-Gay Movement.  As a gay teen I falsely believed I would be more valuable to God,

20 Mar 2011

Love the Straight Supremacist–Hate Straight Supremacy

Cross posted from A Musing: Are programs that tell people they need not be gay simply silly, misguided throwbacks? Surely the media has gotten a lot of mileage out of covering the “ex-gay” phenomenon.  It can be a sexy and entertaining story. But the portrayals of the people who run

14 Mar 2011

Terrible Harm from those Wacky Gay “Cures”

cross-posted from A-Musing. Recently Lisa Ling misinformed the public through an episode of her new program on the  Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN.) In regards to gay reparative therapy and ex-gay ministries, like many journalists before her, Lisa Ling asked the wrong question– Can You Pray Away the Gay? Instead she

09 Feb 2011

Manhattan, Kansas Includes the LGB and the T in City Ordinance

Cross-posted from A Musing. Good queer news out of Kansas! The city commission of Manhattan, KS (aka The Little Apple) voted in favor of extending its anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation AND gender identity. In other words they have moved to protect people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual,

02 Feb 2011

Arthur Goldberg–Ex-Gay Gone Wild Aided by the Media

Reposted from A Musing.  I don't often get heated in media appearances, but when faced with the outrageous, one needs to express outrage. Last night I appeared as one of several guests on Wellness for the REAL World with Dr. Veronica Anderson, an Internet program on Blog Talk Radio. It

16 Aug 2010

Judge Walker’s Prop 8 Ruling and the Foolishness of Crowds

Crossposted from A Musing blog. In reflecting on the recent Prop 8 ruling which now allows marriage equality in California once again, my partner, Glen Retief, considers mob mentality and the need from time to time for an "adult" to step in and burst the bubble.~peterson By Glen Retief Are