27 Jan 2015

The Estate Liquidation Scam/How to Protect Your Assets

The con begins with the predator forming an “estate liquidation” corporation. They work hard creating a false reputation for services by posting good reviews themselves. In addition, many times after just a few consignments at reputable auction houses and antique stores, they may even get these businesses vouching for their credibility.

10 Aug 2014

The “Slippery Slope” argument Fails

“well, I really don’t think we should be allowed to own people, but once we begin taking the right of ownership with people, what’s to stop them from passing laws saying we can’t own cattle, and then what’s to stop them from saying we can’t own pets, and then what’s to stop them from saying we can’t own a business?

28 Jul 2013

Why we can’t continue using the term “whistle blower”

The term “whistle blower” should never be used when discussing someone who is exposing crime

10 Nov 2012

Petreaus…I predicut a another shoe

I think there must be more to the resignation then just an affair

24 Aug 2012

3 Questions For Romney That Will Destroy His Campaign

3) Do you tithe to your church the same gross percentage that lower class laborer tithes, if not do you pay a higher gross percentage or a lower gross percetage.

07 Mar 2012

Firedoglake Competition! Rebrand the term “Think Tank”

we need to rebrand the right wing term for their propaganda machine “think tank” and start calling it something that closer associates it with the malignancy they are

29 Aug 2011

something is very wrong with this storm

First off, I am talking about here in the north east, my prayers to those who suffered from hurricane Irene where it was strong enough to do damage. second off, I know this is going to make me look like some kind of conspiracy monger but never the less, I

20 Jul 2011

We Are All Firebaggers Now

Funny It seems the other blogs refer to anyone challenging obama as a “firebagger” I happen to love the term personally, sort of like “yankee” was supposed to be a pejorative when first used, (I think by the british) and the yanks loved the term so they took it up

14 Jul 2011

Safe bet; Obama Knew about Murdoch spying

Actually, this is pure speculation on my part but 2 plus 2 is adding to four; Obama insisted the democrats vote FOR “telecom immunity” after he was supposedly briefed by the justice dept. Murdoch was using the phone system to spy on victims of horrific events but we really have