21 Dec 2007

I would like your opinions

This week a site I help author called Lesbiatopia was banned from the popular internet book marking site Digg as was another Lesbian authored site called a Girl in short shorts. E mails to digg asking why have to date gone unanswered. I have a couple of posts up on

19 Nov 2007

AOL and the Death of QueerSighted

 Cross posted from Lesbiatopia As you may or may not know, my new partner in crime , Renee Gannon, was a blogger for QueerSighted.com for the last 6 months.  That was, until AOL decided to shut-down QueerSighted for budget cuts and other ridiculous reasons that were not clearly explained to

15 Oct 2007

Vatican Vice

Vatican Official Busted in Gay Sting I so ripped off this story idea off from Ask a Lesbian, But I just couldn’t help myself, because this is just the kind of story a Butt Talking Lesbian Surf Mom can get her teeth into. I only hope I don't go to

10 Oct 2007

Coming Out in the Outer Banks: A Sisters Story

As I’ve said before, coming out is a process and it is a journey, not a destination. Many have experienced a rocky road while making that journey, for some others this journey is a smooth one. But no matter what your experience, personally accepting your homosexuality and disclosing it to

10 Oct 2007

Coming Out In the Outer Banks: Is Loving the Homosexual Enough?

Here are a few words from the United Unitarian Congregation of The Outer Banks and Rev. George Smith on loving your neighbor and loving yourself. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate,

25 Sep 2007

Marsha and Jan Brady want to kick my ASS

Oh no Surf Mom has done it now, I’ve pissed off Marsha and Jan Brady and I think they are coming to  kick my ass. This all started after I posted a report about Maureen McCormick,  outing herself and her TV sister in a new book scheduled to be released 

22 Sep 2007

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!!!!!!!

Maureen McCormick, better known as Marcia Brady on the sitcom 'Brady Bunch', has a new book coming out and and coming out is truly the right term here .    This little bit of news has  came as a bit of a shock to me as I had a real

16 Sep 2007

Are My Baby’s Gay?

I know we all get some pretty weird offers that come uninvited to our E-Mail in boxes.  I’ve had the honourable Bimbo Iwanascrewu, the former President of the Republic of Numbrainbia, E- Mail me before to offer to give me 300k if he could have use of my bank account

27 Aug 2007

Notice any similarities?

  My friend Becky C. who authors a great blog called ‘Just a Girl in Short Shorts’ posted a very good article questioning Ron Luce and his evangelical Christian organization Teen Mania as being a healthy thing for kids…   As Becky pointed out for those of you who are

20 Aug 2007

Did anyone see As The world Turns Last Friday

Not that this has anything to do with being even remotely important… but did any one catch As the World Turns Friday?   I heard Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) were supposed to have locked lips in what I think is the first gay kiss on Daytime TV ever.