27 Jun 2010

The DSCC sent me a fund raising letter today

This was my response: “I will donate to the DSCC again once gay and lesbian service members no longer have to lie 24/7 about their families and their personal lives for fear of losing their careers, once there is a federal law that protects GLBT people from losing their jobs

20 Jun 2009

Where is the apology, Mr. President?

Dear Mr. President, I'm a pretty patient guy, Mr. President.  I must be, considering that while you were celebrating your 6th birthday I was putting my life on the line for my country, serving as a Military Policeman in Vietnam, even though I had to lie every minute of every

27 Nov 2008

Barbara Bush: “Worst Pain I Ever Felt”

Barbara Bush just suffered a bout of excruciating pain as the result of a perforated ulcer.  Gee, Babs, Why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?

15 Nov 2008

Crowd chases preachers out of Castro w/video

The group of a dozen or so young street preachers who have been making a habit of preaching the joys of salvation from a street corner in the heart of San Francisco's Castro district for months had a rude shock last night. After having their right to marry stripped away

14 Nov 2008

Anti-gay protesters rescued by police from crowds in SF’s Castro – Video link

Here is the video link.  Watch it.  You will be glad you did. http://www.ktvu.com/video/17986861/index.html  Update: 10:20 PM I just watched the news report.  Will post the video or a link to it when and if it becomes available. Interestingly enough, the anti-gay folks who had to be rescued by the

14 Nov 2008

Is the Prop 8 Protest Stonewall 2.0?

We quite rightly credit the Stonewall Riots as being the catalyst for the surge of queer political energy that blew “The love that dare not speak its name” out of its closet and into the streets, the living rooms, the workplaces and the political halls of America.   The story

11 Nov 2008

538.com on the effects of race in the Prop 8 debacle

Like many of us here I was stunned by the racism stirred up by the passage of Prop 8 here in California.  In an effort to find if there was any truth to the accusations that our loss could be laid at the feet of the black community I wrote

11 Nov 2008

5 Days, 5 Days of Protests. Today is day 6…

YET TO COME Tuesday, Nov. 11: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Rally at 1pm. Corner of Haven and Foothill. Redlands, CA 4:00pm – 6:00pm In front of the Redlands Mormon Temple 1761 Fifth Avenue Santa Monica, CA 5:00 pm321 Santa Monica Pier Fresno, CA 5 pm at Fink-White Playground Amador St and

08 Nov 2008

20,000 angry marchers take to the streets in San Francisco over Prop 8

There was a huge protest march in San Francisco Friday evening.  Unfortunately I couldn't get away from work to take part, but the silver lining on that cloud was that at 10 PM as part of my job I drove a highly placed SF city official to SFO and while

28 Oct 2008

Counter Productive And Just Damn Wrong

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that the homes of two Prop 8 supporters were vandalized Sunday night. The homeowners, Tom and Kelly Byrne and Frank and Evalina Ybarra, had “Yes on 8, Protect Marriage” signs posted on their front lawns on Southgate Court for about a week. The