18 Jan 2015

Sentencing of Utah Tar Sands Opponents – And a Message

After nearly 6 months of difficult negotiations between defense attorneys for 25 tar sands protesters and the Uintah County prosecutor’s office, Judge Edwin Peterson handed down sentences to the 25 land defenders on the morning of Thursday, January 8th. Several of the initial charges filed, such as “felony rioting” and

28 May 2013

March Against Monsanto – Salt Lake City

For me, Saturday’s event was worthwhile and fun, as I got to reunite with several Occupy folks whom I had not seen in a while, and also meet some new people who are in what seems to me to be an ever-expanding environmental movement. But the best part about Saturday’s

15 Aug 2012

ALEC’s Annual Conference and OccupySLC’s ALEC Welcoming Committee – Days 2 and 3

Picking up where I left off last post, Day 2 of protesting ALEC in Salt Lake City was a bit quieter than Monday, primarily because July 24th is a very important holiday in Utah.  That day, called Pioneer Day, commemorates Brigham Young’s arrival into the Salt Lake valley in 1847;

03 Aug 2012

Protesting ALEC’s Annual Conference in Salt Lake City

Over six months in the planning by OccupySLC ALEC Welcoming Committee, our efforts finally came to fruition on July the 23rd.   The American Legislative Exchance Council was given a truly unforgettable welcome, one that should stick in their memory for a while, especially several of our state legislators who ended

11 Dec 2011

Occupy Supply Warms Hearts (and Heads) at Occupy Salt Lake City

Friday Dec 9th:  I was anxious to deliver the first batch of cold-weather supplies from Occupy Supply to Occupy SLC.  The box of hats, face masks and scarves had arrived at my house on Wednesday afternoon, having been shipped the previous Friday, Dec 2nd.  Having been out of town on

05 Dec 2011

The Music that Binds: Occupy DC and Freedom Plaza DC

DC is kind of unique in that it has two grass-roots movements which are located only a few blocks apart from each other.  The goals of both the Occupy DC folks and the October2011 folks are largely shared – mainly, to give a voice to those who are no longer

13 Nov 2011

Eviction of Occupy Salt Lake City – Update

The Occupy SLC folks and the homeless were cleared out of Pioneer Park last night by Salt Lake City police.  The eviction began shortly before 6pm; it was raining lightly, with some snowflakes mixed in.  There was already some snow on the ground from earlier in the day.  When I arrived around five, police had not

12 Nov 2011

Occupy Salt Lake City Faces Eviction after a Death In Camp

Disconcerting news  today, Occupy Salt Lake City was served an eviction notice and is supposed to leave Pioneer Park by early tomorrow evening.  News of the eviction was briefly reported on the 6 o’clock evening news, and there were more details tonight on the 10 o’clock news. I was making

27 Jul 2011

In Support of Tim DeChristopher

Tim DeChristopher was sentenced today, at approximately 4pm MDT, to two years jail time; and also apparently a ten thousand dollar fine, according to Kevin Gosztola’s post earlier in the evening.  The rally organized by PeacefulUprising began about noon at the Exchange Place plaza, across the street from the courthouse.  There were upwards

05 Apr 2010

A Tea Party Express Experience

The Tea Party Express bus tour came to town.