30 Sep 2010


MSNBC is taking an online poll as to whether colleges & universities should require a course in respecting gays & lesbians and anyone “different”.  Leave that up to parents (at college age ?!) is currently winning the tally (09/30/2010).

11 Sep 2010

make a stand

A Saudi Arabian diplomat, Ali Ahmad Asseri, has asked for asylum in the U.S.   He has been exposed as gay and a friend of a Jewish woman. Now he fears returning to his country.  This an an opportunity for the Obama Administration to speak to homophobia both at home

20 May 2010

Malawi’s horrid homophobia

I just read Barry Bearak's article in the New York Times on a young Malawi gay couple who were sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment and hard labor because they demonstrated their love and commitment with a celebratory party.  The magistrate said that malawi is not ready for gay relationships.

19 Nov 2009

No marriage in any form in TX

<!–StartFragment–>             In a 2005 Texas Constitutional Amendment which aimed to ban gay civil union & any other partner privilege as well as gay marriage a subsection was added: “This state or a political subdivision of this state may not create or recognize any legal status

03 Nov 2009

progress is staggered

As we delight in the recent hate crimes bill success in the U.S. Johann Hari of the London Independent (whose article I read via Huffington Post) bemoans violence against gay/lesbian persons in the UK.  He cites some horrendous statistics.  His comments belie the law in Britain.  While a jury exonerates

27 Jun 2009

Section 377 may go

A report in The Times of India (byline Vishwa Mohan) indicates the home ministry may go along with the health ministry in doing away with a law the British introduced a century and a half ago, Section 377.  Section 377 criminalizes same sex activity, even in private.  A New Delhi

05 Jun 2009

Good news from WV Supreme Court

Associated Press reports (I saw it in the Charleston Daily Mail) that the West Virginia Supreme Court has upheld the right of a same-sex couple to retain custody as foster parents.   They wish to move forward as adoptive parents but a local county Circuit Court Judge, Paul Blake Jr.,