02 Jul 2012

Kids take control of FAA approved domestic drones – showing how we could have 30,000 9/11’s in our future

Gary Stix, the senior editor and web blog writer for Scientific American who usually does work in neuroscience, has a blog at http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/talking-back/2012/06/28/researchers-hack-drones-a-science-project-anyone/ that reveals why folks should be scared about the GOP idea of killing regulation of business and the outsourcing of more military and federal worker work and

30 Jun 2012

Post Romney win, Senate GOP Will Use 50 vote Reconciliation to Repeal Obamacare

The mandate is now a tax per the Supreme Court and can be repealed by the GOP via a 50 vote Senate reconciliation plus GOP VP vote, but can reconciliation repeal the whole bill? Reconciliation (a 1974 law) is interpreted under Senate Rules as reserved strictly for budget-related measures that

20 Jun 2012

Our real Space Program is in Defense and the CIA – not in NASA – but with more waste.

Many people are aware of the fact that we do secret CIA and Defense and Intel launches of space craft from the Vandenberg air force base, Indeed the Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida does secret launches that land at Vandenberg. And most are aware the Hubble had a

09 Jun 2012

Only 5 states’ voters will decide Obama election – as media lets fact checking be an afterthought

Rahm Emanuel thinks economic perceptions in 5 states, not specified but perhaps including Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, will determine the election results. Guess those in other states may as well state home, and those with other issues need to limit themselves to the economy. He also noted that public employee

05 Jun 2012

Funding Science, Gifts from Defense to NASA, and our Defense Budget

Well, it is June 6th and that means the new version of Internet addressing rolls out today — IPv6 — but no worries as our old system continues to run side by side – we just will not run out of addresses anytime soon. Of course the new Internet development

01 Jun 2012

GM/Ford Pension Plan reductions continue – non-union workers screwed

In April 2012 the Ford Motor Co. said it would offer lump sum payments to about 90,000 U.S. salaried retirees and former salaried workers who are vested in the pension plan, saying this was a way to lower the risk of volatility for those in the plan – a statement

31 May 2012

17 days before Greek elections change the EU

First to get the “horse race” out of the way, the “too close to call” election has a new poll today (6/1 – the Public Issue/Kathimerini poll – which had had SYRIZA – the left – leading by 4 points 5/24 now says that on 6/17 the coalition of the

13 May 2012

Health Cost Control – Mass trying to drop fee for service for global budget/outcome incentives

Seems that few want to admit that the health cost controls in every other nation – state control of fees in fee for service – a design partially put into the Vermont design by the consulting actuary – are the only real way to control costs. So instead of doing

11 May 2012

When Deficit Reduction and Tax Fairness must be avoided, call it a Fiscal Cliff needing a GRAND BARGAIN

David Dayen’s recent posts have referred to a year end “fiscal cliff”, with my comments pointing to the ease with which new tax cuts would be passed by the current Congress. I thought it might be useful for the discussion to describe in a bit more detail this Fiscal Cliff

06 May 2012

Greece kills German Austerity and Austerity with modifications needed 151 seats but only got 149

Will the Right agrees that Elections matter, is that true if the Left wins the election? The GOP far right always state “elections matter” whenever the GOP win and someone objects to the far right judges being nominated. But one wonders if “elections matter” is true when a Socialist that