31 May 2009

TV to Internet – Transition Time?

I’m not the first to ruminate on the parallels between Kennedy + television, and Obama + internet. But what are the implications for the media?

07 May 2009

Grassroots or Astroturf?

I just received a robocall inviting me to a rally in Philadelphia to support the Main Street Bondholders, paid for by 60 Plus Association. So who are these guys?

22 Feb 2009

Sunday Morning Gabfests – Plugged In or Plugged Up?

What do you need to learn about after watching Meet the Press?

08 Feb 2009

Sunday Morning Media Mendacity

This morning on The Chris Matthews Show, Michele Norris may have revealed more than she intended.

13 Nov 2008

“Nixonland” on Amazon’s list “Best Books of 2008”

Congratulations to Rick Perlstein for reaching #3 on Amazon’s “Best Books of 2008” list. I’m not quite sure how the list was compiled. I’m finally ordering my copy now.

13 Oct 2008

Why is the McCain campaign spending time in Iowa? Thoughts….

This is speculation on my part – but does the campaign have specific voter suppression efforts in place in certain states, and they are desperately trying to get back within the margin of error in those states?

10 Oct 2008

Red State’s Erickson Slips Up?

Erick Erickson of Red State on Sirius Indie Talk channel, paraphrasing, Palin has two more years before she will face the voters again. Two???

04 Oct 2008

Do “Real Americans” all live in small towns?

The lionization of the Small Town USA that the right wing and the media seem to embrace has been bugging me. Then I came across a recent article addressing this very point.