21 Feb 2015

Putin in Hungary

About the only thing in the NYTimes report of the above visit Hungary Keeps Visit by Putin Low-Key as It Seeks to Repair Relations With West is the following sentence: “Five bilateral agreements were signed.” The rest of the report contrasts sharply with the contents of the Russian/Hungarian press conference

04 Dec 2014

Of Kids, Drones and Culture Wars

The other day I viewed a French film with Catherine Deneuve that featured an impossible pre-teen boy, and I vaguely remembered having remarked on similar behavior in other recent French films. Having lived in France when kids and teens behaved very differently, I was saddened, once again. This morning RT

30 Nov 2014

Mubarak/Wilson, Catalonia/Edinborough/Ukraine, Same Problem

The acquittal of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak who ruled with an iron fist for thirty years and was accused of ordering the shooting deaths of hundreds of protesters during the events that removed him from power reflects the same determination as the acquittal of a white police officer via a lesser

08 Nov 2014

Fall of the Berlin Wall Twenty-Five Years Later

I wasn’t there, but I foresaw its happening in a book entitled ‘Une autre Europe, un autre Monde’ [Another Europe, another World], begun in 1983 and rejected by every major publisher in Paris between 1985 and 1989, as I revised it to keep pace with events. In early 1989 a

14 Oct 2014

From Berlin to Kobani – and Ebola

There is no direct link between the two stories in this week’s headlines, but they share the fact that a year ago, most people had never heard of either, thanks to the media’s reluctance to cover the big picture. Even when ‘stories’ (sic) grow exponen-tially in prominence, this does not

07 Oct 2014

Baghdadi’s Pitch

The American Sunday talk shows alternate between discussing ISIS and the ebola epidemic, however none of those I caught mentioned the latest news about ISIS, which is that the Pakistani Taliban have pledged allegiance to it. During this past week much of the ISIS focus has been on the fear

05 Oct 2014

Ships Passing in the Night

The latest street campaign for democracy is taking place in Hong Kong, which is a unique case. Here are some excerpts from the Wikipedia article to set the stage: (This Chinese peninsula) became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War (1839–42). As a result of the

01 Oct 2014

The Great White Lie

I must have been six or seven years old when I first heard the words ‘white lie’. My mother explained that it was ok to tell a lie to spare someone’s feelings. At present a gigantic white lie is being perpetrated on the American people. The government warns that the

29 Sep 2014

Of Terrorists and Referendums

What a convenient word ‘terrorist’ has become! Until 9/11 the word was reserved for anarchist types in long black coats who set off bombs in public or assassinated heads of state. But when the World Trade Center was brought down the word became a convenient designation for any individual who

16 Sep 2014

Good News from Sweden — Sort Of

If I often write about fascism, it’s because it is the lynchpin of current events. Fascism comes in many stripes and colors. The old fascism, which revolved around anti-Semitism, is still represented by Ukraine’s Right Sektor and its wolfangel-wearing associated thugs. With the new fascism, Israel is officially Washington’s junior