02 Oct 2009

‘Anybody Remember the CONSTITUTION?’….

As it has become so topical, I wanted to share this LTE from Local Paper, sans author (though I doubt he'd mind).  Note: it is from the district where our 22+ yr Representative, called a man in a town hall meeting.. who claimed to be 'a Right Wing Terrorist ..a

29 Sep 2009

Hawaiian VIDEO: RE Equal Marriage Rights

….and I recommend use everywhere. This is so very well done. I do hope those of you working on State campaigns to gain Marriage Equality can use this. One special line, among many: "Those people who fight Equal Right in this country, are on the losing side of history."  Link:

26 Jun 2009

Please HELP Lt. Dan Choi… by MONDAY!

Here is link to Courage Campaign page where you can sign a letter of support for Dan Choi at his TUESDAY hearing.  You can add a personal comment… and someones printers are going to be running overtime.   couragecampaign.org/page/s/SupportDan Lt. Dan Choi may be fired from the military. Sign a

18 Jun 2009

SSSSHHHHHH! Don’t Tell Anyone…. Our AUTUMN

Had a Birthday… June 16, 2009.  

17 May 2009

Valerie Jarrett… and HRC…and the WHITEHOUSE… They forget about us!

Val Jarrett: Shuts down HRC Activism, … promising lots of Whitehouse visits. Well, thats how it reads to me! But they forgot… that ‘Joe S.’ is NOT ‘national activism’. He, just like everyone else there in the Beltway, ignores the rest of the country. Sorry. VAL.. and BHO: We’re Here…

09 Mar 2009

THE COLOR TEST….Sunday game.

How many tries… till you get it all right? www.humorsphere.com/fun/8787/colortest.swf

25 Feb 2009

Come to SAN FRANCISCO . March 5 and/or WEAR WHITE

Here is posting of the  latest  JOIN THE IMPACT Action. I know most of you  can’t come but see #3… e.g. Wear White in support March 5, and then maybe post pic here. I will be going.  ?? Will Fritz? WONDERWILLOW:  Hi guys! Wanted to share this with you to

23 Feb 2009

Court orders MINISTER to start jail term….FINALLY!

This just in: mercurynews.com/breakingnews/ci_11762001 FULLERTON, Calif.-A minister who recently reported an attack by a group of youngsters at his Orange County church has been ordered to report to jail next month for violating probation in a lewd-conduct case. Assistant District Attorney Jaime Coulter said Willie Holmes, president and founder of

14 Feb 2009

Newest COVER GIRL!….and in a great marriage.

Our First Lady..made the cover of VOGUE! Now before all you womenists (newest term) have a fit, she deserves it! Mrs. Obama, who is only the second first lady to appear on the cover of Vogue (the first being Hillary Clinton in December, 1998), worked with the magazine on picking

12 Feb 2009

BILL CLINTON to help Supporters of Proposition H8

Bill Clinton, can speak wherever and whenever he wants. But here is another example of our disappointment with him, as he is scheduled to speak this Sunday and the San Diego Manchester Hyatt. This hotel has been a boycott target of LGBT Rights oranizers, because they gave $125,000 to the