25 Feb 2015

Senator Inhofes Email Ties Him to Directly Financing Kiev Neo-Nazi Volunteer Battalions

Senator Inhofe email ties him directly to Kiev Neo-Nazi Volunteer Battalions From BuzzFeed senate email:   Rosie, Just arrived in southern Ukraine coming from the US over the last 40 hours. I do not have all the details or access to all my notes and files with me but below

11 Feb 2015

Kiev warning leaves trail of questions over Flight MH17 for Dutch PM – The Irish Times

Dutch unwillingness to set out details of warning has led to growing suspicion Risk warning Excerpt: Asked if the government had warned the appropriate airlines about the increased risk of using Ukrainian airspace after the An-26 attack, foreign minister Bert Koenders and justice minister Ivo Opstelten replied it had not.

01 Feb 2015

Proof of NATO 155mm rounds and white phosphorous being used by Ukrainian army – Graphic Warning

Video and photographic evidence has emerged of NATO 155 mm artillery shells being used by the Ukrainian army and the use of banned white phosphorous munitions. The video below clearly shows that a church in East Ukraine was bombed with a 155 shell. The US government and NATO have specifically

30 Jan 2015

Ukrainian army shelling of bus and humanitarian aid center in Donetsk kills 9 – Graphic Warning

The Ukrainian army has once again shelled civilians. There are a number of videos on the internet, all of which point the blame at the Ukrainian military. OSCE observers are on the ground as proven by the videos at the links below. The US government and media have intentionally been

29 Jan 2015

January 29th – Ukrainian Commanding General admits there is no Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“There is no Russian regular army in the Donbass” said Ukrainian Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko. This statement was reported on Poroshenkos very own Chanel 5. This statement puts a serious dent in the US’s narrative that Russia invaded Ukraine. Discerning posters should be fully aware of this fact by now as

23 Jan 2015

US media lies – Video proof the NAF delivered the Kiev regime an astounding defeat two days ago

5 days ago the US media reported (across the board) that the Kiev regime had taken Donetsk airport and delt the rebels of Novorossiya an astounding defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth as proven by the videos below. The rebels not only took complete control of the airport,

17 Jan 2015

Verifiable proof that the Kiev and US spokespersons lied about Ukrainian bus attack that killed 12

New dashcam footage from a vehicle in line behind the bus has emerged proving the Ukrainian military version of the attack is not truthful and that they intentionally lied when they blamed the Donetsk rebels for the attack. A person was filmed running towards the roadside mines which are shown

09 Nov 2014

Hunter Biden, the son of the Vice President of The United States is employed by the lead Neo-Nazi battalion financier in Ukraine

The son of the Vice President of the United States Hunter Biden is working for the lead Kiev Nazi financier Igor Kolomoisy as proven by the MSM links below. It is 100% factual and proven by verifiable linked evidence. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2014/05/r-hunter-biden-declare-owns-new-ukrainian-employer-burisma-holdings.html Excerpt: Burisma Holdings, Ukraineā€™s largest private gas producer, has expanded

04 Nov 2014

Novorossiya elections completely opposite to the way US government portrays them.

This is what is happening in Novorossiya….this is what the US government and media would prefer you didn’t see šŸ™‚ The following You Tube videos prove that thousands of peaceful, enthusiastic voters took to the streets of the formerly East Ukraine to denounce the Kiev coup imposed government that has