12 Dec 2009

BREAKING: Open Lesbian Declared Winner in Houston Mayor’s Race

The Houston Chronicle has declared City Controller Annise Parker the winner of race for mayor of Houston, the country's fourth largest city. http://blogs.chron.com/houstonpolitics/ Parker had to overcome a vicious anti-gay campaign by supporters of former City Attorney Gene Locke to win the election.   

04 Jul 2008

BREAKING: Jesse Helms is Dead!!

Jesse Helms has the deaths of millions on his hands for the way he politicized the early days of AIDS and kept positive, pro-active public health policy from being implemented. In NC, we remember the race-baiting TV editorials and the dirty campaign tactics that follow a straight line to Karl

25 Jun 2008

McCain Meets in Secret With Log Cabin Head

The website “GayPatriot” reports today that John McCain recently held a secret meeting the Log Cabin Republican President Patrick Sammon. The meeting never appeared on McCain’s schedules, but Sammons described it as “productive”. (Yeah, right) Guess there’s not enough room INSIDE the GOP tent for the Log Cabinettes. They have

30 May 2008

DA drops sodomy charges imposed by Raleigh PD

This past Saturday, in violation of a 2003 US Supreme Court ruling, police in Raleigh NC arrested two men on “crimes against nature” charges in what even a police captain described as a “consensual act that may have gotten out of hand.” Today, the DA’s office dropped those charges, but

29 May 2008

Olympic diver comes out, fights for rights

Australian Matthew Mitcham, 20, has come out in advance of his diving competition at the Beijing Olympics. One reason: he is fighting for the right to bring his life partner with him. It’s an inspiring story. Read about it and see photos/video of this brave young man at: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news…