14 Sep 2013

Random Japan

JR Kyushu shows off new luxury train Kyushu Railway Co. on Friday unveiled the ¥3 billion Seven Star luxury sleeper train ahead of its inaugural run on Oct. 15. The event, held at a rolling stock factory in Kitakyushu, followed the signing a day earlier of a charter service contract

07 Sep 2013

Random Japan

Move over latte art, it’s all about toast art now! The newest food decorating trend to come out of Japan since latte art is, surprisingly, toast art. But this isn’t just any plain old toast with butter and maybe a swirl of jam that vaguely resembles a smiley face (but

31 Aug 2013

Random Japan: Jojo Train

Photos of the JoJo train are finally here and it’s not just the outside that looks cool Earlier this week, we told you about the Yamanote Line train that will be decked out with the characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle (coming to PS3 on August 29). At the

03 Aug 2013

Random Japan

NEWS FROM THE ANIMAL KINGDOM A research team led by a professor at Keio University has found mice can tell the difference between paintings by Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian. In response to wild deer causing damage to local plant species in the Oze marshlands, Fukushima officials say they’ll start

03 Aug 2013

Six In The Morning Saturday August 3

U.S. travel alert comes amid al Qaida glee over prison breaks By Hannah Allam | McClatchy Washington Bureau    The State Department issued a worldwide travel alert for U.S. citizens Friday as it suspended operations in 21 Muslim countries in response to “current information” that suggests al Qaida-affiliated militant groups might

02 Aug 2013

Six In The Morning Friday August 2

Fewer resources, greater stress, more disasters, more violence: Climate change linked to conflict among people and societies Review of 61 accounts concludes that personal disputes and wider civil conflicts increase significantly with weather changes A warmer world with more droughts and other climate-related disasters is likely to lead a substantial increase

01 Aug 2013

SIx In The Morning Thursday August 1

Egypt police told to break up rallies Interim leadership says “gradual steps” will be taken to disperse crowds amid continuing pro-Morsi protests. Last Modified: 01 Aug 2013 06:50 Egypt’s interim government has authorised police to break up protests which have been continuing since Mohamed Morsi was removed from power, saying that officers

31 Jul 2013

Six In The Morning Wednesday July 31

Julian Assange says Bradley Manning verdict is ‘dangerous precedent’ as whistleblower faces 136 years in prison despite aiding the enemy acquittal Charge carried possible life sentence, although he will now be sentenced after convictions on lesser charges of espionage and theft   Bradley Manning, the former military intelligence analyst who

30 Jul 2013

SIx In The Morning Tuesday July 30

Middle East peace talks under way Negotiations begin in earnest, with Obama and Kerry praising Israeli-Palestinian summit but warning of big challenges Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem and Paul Harris in Washington theguardian.com, Tuesday 30 July 2013 06.57 BST Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are beginning intensive talks in Washington on Tuesday aimed at reviving

29 Jul 2013

Six In The Morning Monday July 29

29 July 2013 Last updated at 09:15 GMT Iraq violence: Wave of deadly car bombs targets Shias A wave of car bombs has killed at least 48 people in mostly Shia areas of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and in other cities around the country. More than 100 people were wounded in the attacks,