04 Nov 2013

New NSA Leaks Leave Tech Firms Feeling Bullied

Revelations from National Security Administration (NSA) documents released by Edward Snowden just keep getting worse. The Washington Post reported last week that the NSA has secretly broken into the main connection links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world. Under a program code-named MUSCULAR, the NSA worked

25 Oct 2013

The Future of Our Communications Networks: Strong Enough to Weather Us through the Storm?

A year ago this week, Superstorm Sandy wrought unprecedented damage up and down the East Coast. The rest of the nation watched as residents in the line of the storm documented destruction in real time online, and reached out to emergency services and loved ones, demonstrating the vital necessity of

23 Oct 2013

The Ted Cruz Shutdown: Internet Freedom Edition

The Internet as you know it is under attack. But not by the NSA this time. Instead, by a threat to our old friend, net neutrality. It’s been awhile since “net neutrality” has been in the news. After all, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enacted net neutrality rules back in