23 Oct 2010

Johnson Presses Huizenga’s Hypocricy on Erik Prince/Blackwater Support

Emptywheel recently wrote a post about a debate where Candidate Fred Johnson taking Bill Huizenga to task about his support for Blackwater Security/Xe. An excellent post…and it bears emphasizing that the ties between Hoekstra-clone Huizenga and Blackwater Erik Prince run very, very deep.

If Huizenga replaces retiring Pete Hoekstra, we’ll have a staunch, long time ally and bosom buddy for Erik Prince calling the shots in DC — Add in the thousands in campaign contributions from the American Bankers Association AND the Family Research Council and we have one of the most conservative, fundamentalist people setting up shop in congress with relatively little fanfare. As the Dems mock the goofy and scary O’Donnell for her extreme ways, Huizenga is sitting below the radar.

06 Aug 2010

Common Guy Vs. “Common Guy”

Sometimes I wonder if there’s just a handful of select hunting pics in the world that various politicians use and then Photoshop their own heads into…not to mention other canned “down with the common guy” poses.

Been looking up Fred Johnson’s (D MI-2) new opponent in the Michigan-2nd Congressional race, Bill Huizenga. Looks like it’s a race between a common man and a “common man.”