17 Apr 2015

Over Easy: Snowden Explains Passphrases

There has been a lot of discussion in the past couple of years about password security, and the warning that we should use longer, complex passphrases, rather than short passwords. Unfortunately, most people still use a password or phrase that may seem complicated, but is easily guessable — and then use the same password for email, bank accounts, and other personal information.

10 Apr 2015

Over Easy: “Flying is the Safest Way to Fly”

For all of the bad press the flying experience and the TSA get, navigating the two airports and the airport security process was surprisingly painless, thanks to a couple of relatively recent improvements, the mobile boarding pass and TSA Pre?.

20 Mar 2015

Over Easy: Net Neutrality — The Fight Isn’t Over Yet

On February 26 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to reclassify broadband internet access as a “Title II” telecommunications service, which allows the FCC to impose specific open internet rules that prohibit activities like paid prioritization and blocking. This is just one battle in a war that is far from over, and there are several reasons to remain quite vigilant in efforts to protect a free and open internet.

13 Mar 2015

Over Easy: Those Pesky Emails!

Hillary Clinton and her advisors must have decided that it was finally time to have her address the email brouhaha, so she held a press conference this week, and attempted to simply brush the whole thing off as no big deal. According to most press reports, it didn’t work, and the furor continues unabated.

06 Mar 2015

Over Easy: Want to Research Medical Info Online? Not so fast…

Millions of us are exposing our personal health profiles to internet advertisers and data brokers, just when we’re making the most confidential inquiries we can imagine.

04 Mar 2015

Over Easy: Opening Statements Today in Boston Bombing Case

Opening statements are not evidence and they are not arguments. They are statements by the lawyers to sketch out their respective cases for the jury.

27 Feb 2015

Over Easy: NSA SIM Hackers are Up to No Good!

According to documents provided to The Intercept by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, both American and British spies hacked into the internal network of the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards, Gemalto, and stole encryption keys that protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe.

26 Feb 2015

Over Easy: Thursday News

Good morning. Seems Over Easy has gone missing this morning, so I’ll put this post up as a place to gather and chat. I see that Toronto ex-Mayor Rob Ford is auctioning his tie from the crack cocaine confession on eBay! The UK man behind ISIS beheadings has been publicly

20 Feb 2015

Over Easy: How Well Do We Know Our World?

The subtle lesson here is that most of us have woeful knowledge of the geography of other countries, or even our own that we learned in school and have mostly forgotten. It has to be difficult for us to understand other countries and their ethnic, political, national, or religious makeup if we can’t even accurately identify them on a map.

06 Feb 2015

Over Easy: James Robertson’s Commute – A Journey of Faith and Determination

James Robertson, a 56 year old Detroiter, lives in the city and works in suburban Rochester Hills. His his 1988 Honda Accord died more than a decade ago, and he hasn’t been able to afford a replacement. His job pays $10.55/hr., which is more than Michigan’s $8.15 hourly minimum wage,