07 Nov 2011

11 – 11 – 11 – 11 – 11

Every November 11th, the US celebrates Veterans Day, a day to honor all of those who served in our military, all of those who are currently serving and especially all of those who died serving our country.  This is a special year for different reasons. For the first time in

03 Jul 2011

Straight People are the Ones Who have Screwed up Marriage

I get really perturbed when I hear bigoted straight people make up stories about same-sex marriage to scare those who don't know any better.  They say stupid things that allowing SSM will lead to polygamy, marrying first cousins and even bestiality.  Anyone with half a brain would know that it's

17 Dec 2010

My E-mail Letter to My Senators on the Repeal of DADT

(I live in Georgia and my two Senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson have been two of the most steadfast bigots in the Senate since they got there.  It doesn't matter if 100% of Georgians supported the repeal of DADT and all the political and military reasons for supporting discrimination

13 Dec 2010

Letter to President Obama on the Stalled VA Policy for Trans Veterans

(I felt the need to appeal to the President via E-mail on getting the stalled policy for the proper treatment of trans veterans out of the VA black hole.  The letters I keep getting from trans veterans of their mistreatment have been getting to me for a long time.  I

09 Dec 2010

The Canadian Forces have established rules around uniforms worn by transsexual soldiers

(From Monica: In light of all of the recent activity around DADT and the fact that trans people will still not be allowed to served even after DADT is repealed, this article about how the Canadians at treating their trans service members seems to have come around at the right

25 Nov 2010

The Beauty of Trans People

After a very emotionally draining Transgender Day of Remembrance where we pay tribute to our people who have been taken from us, I felt that it was important to pay tribute to those who have done a lot for this community.  This video features several people across the country in

17 Nov 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance – 2010

TDOR is this Saturday at most places around the world. This video is to give tribute to those who have lost their lives because of trans hate.

31 Oct 2010

The Dumbing of America

I recently posted this following comment on my Facebook status that got a lot of hits: “I'm beginning to think that the Tea Baggers share one brain between all of them, and no one knows who has it at any one time. It's easy to see that they still haven't

15 Aug 2010

NOM in Atlanta

I took video of the Atlanta NOM rally, August 7, 2010, but because of problems uploading to YouTube, and some personal issues.  This is the first I can share them with people.  There are five videos, and I still have to edit the video I took of the LGBT rally