01 Jan 2013

The Memory Test

In all this talk about fiscal cliffs, “out of control government spending”, sequesters, and threats of government shutdowns over the debt ceiling, there is a self-test you can do using your memory to determine if you are being politically manipulated. Those of us who aren’t and voice our frustration are

09 Oct 2011

Washington Bubblenomics

There are a lot of people that were part of the Democratic Party’s former coalition out protesting and involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement such as Unions and laid off teachers and public sector employees as well as recently graduated educated young people. Yet my Democratic Party senator is

15 Sep 2011

Is North Carolina a theocracy?

As North Carolina struggles with high unemployment and a depressed economy aided by the legislature’s budget cuts, they have decided to put a Constitutional amendment on the ballot box opposing same sex marriage. This follows numerous bills to post the ten commandments in public schools and political opposition to anti-bullying

19 Aug 2011

The Pre-funding Mandate. Bringing Down The American Postal Workers Union.

As headlines across the corporate media world of the U.S. reported on August 11th, the U.S. Postal Service is proposing to cut its workforce by 120,000 jobs and withdrawing from the federal health and retirement plans. Initial reports were that during the last four years, the service lost $20 billion,

04 Aug 2011

We need a challenger from the left at this point in history.

Otherwise, we will lose any remnants left of the American system with a proper balance of a public sector and a private sector that it was in the past. We no longer need a compromiser unless your goal is to define or shape a right-wing nation that has no healthy

01 Aug 2011

Debt Ceiling Hostage Taking. The Banality of Corporate State Propaganda and Belief In Things Not Real.

“Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”-former Vice President Dick Cheney On June 23rd, 2011, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) Va., and Senate Minority Leader Jon Kyl (R) AZ, walked out on the federal debt limit ceiling talks in the kabuki theatre that is Washington, D.C, these days. Why would a

14 May 2011

Can We Go Home Now?

I for one am not excited about the ongoing pissing match between Democrats and Republicans over the death of Osama bin Laden. I just want my country back. Not the made up machinations of the “birthers” or “Tea Partiers” and their billionaire puppeteers. I mean that country which predates GW

09 Mar 2011

Republicans Prove It Wasn’t About The Budget In Wisconsin

Senate Republicans in Wisconsin executed a surprise move in the Budget Repair Bill today. They have separated the fiscal areas of the Budget Repair Bill from the collective bargaining measures. In doing this, they can pass the union busting measures because it isn’t dealing with fiscal matters which requires the

24 Feb 2011

Will Obama Find Those Shoes?

Will President Obama find those comfortable shoes to walk the picket line with American workers?

23 Feb 2011

The War on American Wage Earners, Public Employees, And The Poor Heats Up. Phone Prank Reveals Governor Walker’s Plan To End Stalemate.

In Wisconsin, Governor moves to destroy collective bargaining rights. Wisconsin’s new extreme right-wing Republican governor, Scott Walker, played a little budget sabotage and then proffered Wisconsin needed an austerity plan to “repair it” called the Budget Repair Bill. What it of course boils down to, is an effort by him