11 Nov 2010

Gay military service: when it’s piecemeal enforcement by command, there is hostility and fear

I'm sure that some gay people who have served in the military had an experience not unlike their straight counterparts, that's not always the case.  I served from 1986 to 1990 in the Navy Music Program.  At our large 4-star command, we had 32 to 36 people in the band,

26 Oct 2010

The problem with initiatives

Once again, we have an election cycle.  And once again, it's chock-full of rightwing initiatives that word themselves in bizarre ways to convince 50% that stupid ideas are reasonable.  If anyone needed proof that the Democrats, much less the political Left, are incompetent is that we spend all our time

20 May 2010

“Doesn’t it seem that the only thing GetEQUAL is getting accomplished is getting arrested?”

Just saw that pop up on the #dadt twitterfeed and sadly it seems some people are woefully ignorant of American history.  Wouldn't it have been sad if someone attempted to derail Dr. Martin Luther King in the Birmingham Jail?  How sad if women's suffrage were derailed with those sentiments?  How

14 Oct 2009

Who wants to win the Oppression Olympics?

Seriously?  Who would want to lay claim to the gold in “most oppressed minority”?   But that seems to be what a lot of people want.  People are upset with gay (sub-poverty-level) males like me because of our race?  Because their oppression clearly outweighs someone else's?  Go ahead.  Take the freaking gold

17 Jul 2009

Civility feature recommendation: Ignore list

Is this possible with the software used to run the blog?  The ability to turn some people completely invisible would do wonders both for the civility level on the board and for my blood pressure.

25 Jun 2009

Hopemobile Watch: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Looks like it's about time for Stewart and Colbert to get their turns under the Hopemobile.  Both Stewart and Colbert chose different issues to criticize President Transparently Fierce. Stewart highlighted the latest lack of transparency from the Obama Administration.  Stewart started listing the transparency issues that the Obama Administration has

19 Jun 2009

Democratic Strategy toward LGBTs: Minimalist Incrementalism

The Democratic Party is following a policy of minimalist incrementalism. It's the Democratic equivalent of “What's the Matter with Kansas.” The Republicans promised religious conservatives everything and threatened them with Democrats if they did not turn out to keep them in power. But the Republicans never delivered on the promises

21 May 2009

A simple proposal to solve Republican obstructionism in the House

http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/05/20/dems-hire-speed-reader-for-climate-change-bill/ So now the Republicans are insisting that legislation that has several hundred pages needs to be read aloud on the House floor in order to delay any movement on it.  The Democratic Leadership's solution for this is to hire a speed reader to blaze through the entire legislation as quickly

19 May 2009

Some people need a reality check

This struck me while listening to two extremely privileged individuals talking about “the hard work” of finding common ground on abortion. I don't have any illusions that these people will ever see this, but let's see what's “hard work” and what's “easy work”:

04 May 2009

What options are there for progressives in America?

Now that the Republican Party has basically Whigged itself (Whig–v.  The act of a political party to render itself irrelevant in the political discourse soon to be replaced with another remade political party), the Democratic Party has absorbed a lot of people with ideas that are far from Progressive.  The