01 Sep 2011

Carolinas: Now is a good time to fight hate speech on the radio

  Once every 8 years, AM and FM broadcast radio licenses come up for renewal.  After a broadcast licensee files their renewal application, there is a period of time when the station broadcasts messages over the air to inform that a renewal application has been filed.  You may have heard

04 Jun 2011

MAAD at GLAAD.. where AT&T underwriting is more important than protecting trans folk

Crossposted from Michi’s View GLAAD, you have showed your true colors this time.  First, read the article at Qweerty. Our “allies” at GLAAD have come out in support of the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T.  Now, I will first digress on one issue around this and agree that if the

18 Apr 2011

Womens Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) adopts policy inclusive of trans athletes

The Women's Flat Track Derby Association has released policy regarding trans women in the sport of flat track roller derby.  The following is WFTDA's press release:   WFTDA's member leagues have voted to adopt a common definition of “female” as it applies to competitors in the sport. The new policy

12 Apr 2011

HB-235: I think it was more Pena-Melnyk than EQMD

I blame Pena-Melnyk more than I blame EQMD for this debacle.  It is still under debate and will probably never be known whether she received her orders from EQMD to remove P/A or if she did it on her own.  EQMD in a statement towards one of my comments stated

04 Apr 2011

Roller Derby News Organization Clarifies Mission Statement to be More Trans Inclusive.

Derby News Network (DNN) covers the sport of women's flat track and banked track roller derby with an emphasis on the teams of the Womens Flat Track Derby Association.  Roller derby is a very fast growing amateur sport played mainly by adult women but is also played by men and

25 Mar 2011

Michi’s Reaction To HB-235 Passing Committee

Today, we move one step closer for the transgender community being upgraded from fifth-class citizens to forth-class citizens.  Their counterparts in the gay, lesbian and bisexual cis-gender community are currently enjoying third-class status. While today’s vote moves some protections forward, they are insufficent to maintain basic employment protections when the

23 Mar 2011

Two Different Thoughts About the Man in the Skirt

There’s been some recent furor within the community of us who have a vested interest in obtaining public accommodations rights in Maryland for gender identity and expression. It all boils around a picture that Equality Maryland posted on their Facebook page with a quote from Robert F. Kennedy. As a

21 Mar 2011

More proof that HB-235 does not protect the homeless and victims of domestic violence

As we go into a new week, Equality Maryland continues to insist that HB-235 without a public accommodation provision will provide recourse for shelters.  In my previous blog on this issue, I have already gone into length about how the law sees the difference between a dwelling and an establishment

19 Mar 2011

Sorry Equality Maryland: HB-235 Does Not Protect the Homeless

See also: More proof that HB-235 Does Not Protect The Homeless and Victims of Domestic Violence Equality Maryland has been misinforming the public that the current language of HB-235 would provide protection for transgender men and women who are homeless under the “housing discrimination” language.  As much as I have

17 Feb 2011

EQMD to transfolk: Eat, drink and find friends!! Just do it from home.

EQMD to trans-folk: “go to work at your minimum wage retail job.. and then go directly home. Call Dominos if you are hungry, need a book?  go to Amazon and yeah, you can use your high interest credit card.  These are the only rights we will give you.  Oh yeah…