03 Aug 2009

The Stimulus Debate Gets Stupid

David Gregory flunks basic algebra trying to discredit Economic Stimulus on “Meet the Press”

31 Jul 2009

An Important Lesson on Health Care from Ulysses S. Grant

Why does the President only get one shot at Healthcare? If Grant followed such crazy rules we’d still be fighting the Civil War.

29 Jul 2009

White House Beer Analysis

What do the beer choices tell us about the participants in tomorrow’s big meeting?

29 Jul 2009

Time to Call Lou Dobbs What He Is

How many more years of racist fantasies will he indulge in before CNN finally pulls the plug?

27 Jul 2009

Cop Ruins GOP Fun by Accepting White House Invite

Maybe They Should have Checked with Crowley First before making him the latest Anti-Obama Poster Boy

26 Jul 2009

Funny, I Was Going to Tell You Exact Same Thing

Sarah Palin goes out the way she came in.

26 Jul 2009

Are We Just Incapable of Universal Health Care?

Why do we have to be dragged over broken glass for something that everyone else already has and has such clear benefits?

25 Jul 2009

Dan Quayle the Smartest Republican Out There?

The former veep hides an attack inside a compliment. Smart. Unlike the rest of his colleagues.

25 Jul 2009

Sarah Palin Still Popular with Her Base

That’s Because she hasn’t Quit on Them Yet.

24 Jul 2009

Does Free Market Warrior Still Think the Free Market Is So Hot?

Free Market Warrior Loren Spivack is blaming liberal politics for closing his Anti-Obama kiosk. But isn’t this really a business decision? Isn’t really about The Free Market?