16 Jun 2012

Rocky Anderson Commercial

While some focus on the Kabuki Theatre between White Romney and Black Romney. Even though this may not gain front page status. Even though Van Jones, Eddie Schultz, Rachel Maddow  and the rest on MSNBC, Fox News, Current TV etc. etc. prove the rule of the golden microphone. As in,

14 Jun 2012

With A Little Help

OK fellow firebaggers in sidebar land. For your musical pleasure. With a nod to those glorious and brave volunteers, friends and allies.   Joe singing a classic at Woodstock. Enjoy. Oh and StoryOfO, I hope and pray that you can hear this.  Respond if you are able.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO7l_v3k11Q

14 Jun 2012

Cavlan-Just In Case

Just in case of unforeseen circumstances as well as recent events, if  you are unable to contact me here at FDL. You may do so here at the campaign website   http://www.michaelcavlan.com/ or facebook site http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Cavlan-for-US-Senate-2012/122110937819816 or e mail openprogressivemichael@gmail.com Love-Respect-Solidarity-Justice To my firebagger friends and allies. Michael Cavlan RN

13 Jun 2012

Jill Stein Interview In Minnesota

Disclaimer First. This video and story will be controversial and I am a committed supporter of Rocky Anderson. I also have some “history” and some “baggage” with the Green Party, both nationally and in Minnesota. That being said, I have also been committed to creating an effective and united opposition

11 Jun 2012

FDL Sidebar Music

Since the front page of FDL has a regular musical section, I thought I would introduce the idea of us side bar folks doing likewise. So here is my introduction. These two songs helped lift my spirits and keep me sane in the insanity of the past two weeks. The

11 Jun 2012

Minnesota Veal Pen – Gates Kicked Wide Open

Hello fellow firebaggers. I have been missing in action for the past two weeks but now have some stellar news and an explanation on what I have been doing and why. If you are not a part of the corrupted political system then you have to gather signatures to get

06 Jun 2012

MInnesota Good News Coming Soon

While many focus on the debacle that is Wisconsin, there is other news coming. Much better news. There will be a much fuller report coming soon. However for now, in a nutshell. The Michael Cavlan for US Senate 2012 campaign just handed in 2,394 signatures to the Minnesota Secretary of

01 Jun 2012

Cavlan US Senate Ballot Update- Latest

OK Beautiful people. Home stretch time. As of now we have a little over 1200 signatures. We have three days to collect. We have faced a series of almost insurmountable odds and obstacles. In the 14 days we have to gather signatures, we lost three days to rain. On top

28 May 2012

Emergency Alert FDL Occupy Supply

This is an emergency alert to FDL Occupy Supply I do not know the best way to contact you all, as I have been unable to get onto any of the webinars. Hence this article. I work with a nationally recognized and respected organization CUAPB Communities United Against Police Brutality.

22 May 2012

Michael Cavlan For US Senate 2012 Update

Greetings and solidarity from Minnesota. This is a very quick update on our efforts in Minnesota. I am of course working to be a Minnesota candidate for United States Senate. Thereby replacing Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar. However, since I am not a Democrat or Republican and we do not live