23 Apr 2012

What Obama Could Learn from My Pussy Governor

I find myself facing deja vu all over again. Kentucky had a governor’s race last year.  The choice was between  reelecting pseudo- Democrat Steven Beshear, or voting in the Bully of Burkesville, Senate President David Williams.  For progressives like myself, it was a nauseating election. I got to watch Beshear

12 Aug 2011

Memo to the White House: Monty Python’s Holy Grail Was Funnier

Watching Barack Obama and his White House crew do their so called jobs reminds me of some of the scenes from Monty Python’s Holy Grail film: Greg Sargent’s piece demonstrates once again that Obama (King Arthur stand in) can be continuously humiliated and made to “run away!” by Republicans (the French Knights).  Running

24 Jul 2011

So What Are Progressives To Do When the Debt Limit “Crisis” Is Over?

I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I’m feeling depressed about this debt limit debacle that is soon to be upon us.  I won’t even dignify it with the word “crisis” because this is completely manufactured by the Republicans.  Yes, this debt limit debacle is Republican hostage taking at

20 May 2011

A Tale of Two States

Phew!  For a while there, I was sweating bullets trying to decipher Republican “thinking” on Medicare.  Recent statements by some Republicans just had me plain confused. Take for instance Senator Scott Brown’s public stance on the Ryan Medicare Dismemberment Plan.  Basically, Brown initially said, “HELL YES!  I’ll vote for eliminating

29 Apr 2011

A House GOP Production Of “Young Ryanstein!”

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="263" caption="010-02-06 11.52.31 by Mulad, on Flickr"]2010-02-06 11.52.31[/caption]

When we last left Dr. Ryanstein (Republican Congressman Ryan of Wisconsin), he had managed to persuade his fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives to assist him in creating his political monstrosity – RYANSTEIN (a voucher plan for the elderly instead of Medicare). Grass root progressives have started the hue and cry to light torches and chase down this monster. Naturally, the pundits have stated that the creature is not yet really alive and causing murder and mayhem because Ryanstein lacks a brain ( has not passed the Senate) and has not been charged with lightening (signed into law by the President). So the worse political crime that House Republicans can be charged with at this time is grave robbing. Besides, legislating with intent to bankrupt and induce premature death among the elderly is not a crime, unless you are a Democrat wanting to reform healthcare (i.e., Death Panels!).

In fact, we are hearing the usual blather from the Beltway about how “bold” a plan Ryanstein is, and for once, I am in agreement with Beltway wisdom. Ryanstein is a bold plan. It took real courage for House Republicans to engage in grave robbing in broad daylight.

As any good horror film fan knows, our intrepid grave robbers and would be monster makers usually lack the foresight or knowledge to have proper refrigeration equipment ready for the corpse and any spare parts. Unfortunately for Dr. Ryanstein, dead bodies do not stay static. Corpses rot and produce odors, and Ryanstein is no exception. This is evident from the pushback House Republicans are experiencing at town hall meetings.

As the aroma of Ryanstein encompasses America, the Beltway wisdom on this monster in waiting will eventually change to “OK. Ryanstein is a health hazard for Republicans, but all they need to do is rebury the damn thing to solve the problem.” Sounds simply enough, but it appears that Inspector Kemp, played by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has caught wind of Ryanstein’s presence. Inspector Kemp is planning on having that august body vote on giving Ryanstein a brain.

There are no shortage of Abby Normal brains in the U.S. Senate to choose from for Ryanstein. I vote for Rand Paul as a donor.

10 Jan 2011

My Modest Proposal For the Violence Soaked Rhetoric of The Right

While the investigation into the recent shooting incident in Tucson, AZ goes on, progressives are feeling rightly outraged against those purveyors of violence soaked right wing rhetoric.  For too long, blowhards on the right have been allowed to inflame political violence against those that they consider “enemies.”  My modest proposal for

06 Jan 2011

Is Howard Dean Playing 12-D Chess with Obama?

I just got done watching Howard Dean on the Rachel Maddow Show.  The topic was about the appointment of Daley to Obama’s Chief of Staff.  I’m sorry that I don’t have a link to the show or a transcript yet, but I will do my best to give you a

05 Jan 2011

Howard Dean Throws a New Year Dirt Clod at Obama

It is still too early in the New Year to be throwing stones at Obama, at least as far as those who have been or are part of the political establishment are concerned. For example, take Howard Dean’s latest comments about Obama’s advisers being know it alls and having contempt for progressives. Dean may be throwing stones at Obama’s advisers, but he has only, by implication, dirt clods for Obama.

30 Dec 2010

Alter Continues To Act As Obama’s Stenographer

You know how progressives used to hate it when some supposed journalist acted as a stenographer for George W. Bush 0r someone in the Bush Administration?  We would scream about Judith Miller at the NY Times selling the Iraq War or go off about Russert on MTP as a tool

29 Dec 2010

The Christian Fundamentalist Con Job: Building Noah’s Ark Replica in Kentucky

For those of you on FDL who may not be aware, the state of Kentucky is planning on giving away $37.5 million taxpayer dollars to a group called Ark Encounter LLC.  Ark Encounter wants to build a theme park that has a giant replica of Noah’s Ark.  There is a