15 Mar 2014

California Farmworkers Often Forced to Live in Squalor, Says Report

Originally posted at In These Times For California’s farmworkers, toiling all day in the brutal, sun-scorched fields is hard enough; the homes they return to each night are often in even worse conditions. Though the reforms won by previous generations have extended basic labor and safety protections to seasonal and

09 Mar 2014

Sex Workers Have Labor Rights Just Like Any Other Employee, Confirms NZ Court

Last month, the New Zealand Human Rights Review Tribunal made a landmark ruling on the violation of a woman’s human rights in a Wellington brothel known as The Kensington Inn, run by one Aaron Montgomery. But the case didn’t involve the typical media tropes of a worker being “sold into

06 Mar 2014

The Actual Brazil World Cup Scandal Isn’t About Thongs

Originally published at In These Times The 2014 Brazil World Cup made big headlines again this week after a controversial Adidas promotional campaign that the country’s tourist board says suggests that Brazil is a lascivious pit of sexual debauchery. As part of the elite club of mega-sporting event host nations, the “emerging”

28 Feb 2014

China’s Militant Workers Embrace Collective Action

Originally published at In These Times China is the big business story of the 21st century, but is it also the big labor story? A new report on China’s labor movement, covering about 1,170 strikes and other labor actions from mid-2011 through 2013, illuminates how what is arguably the world’s

25 Feb 2014

The U.S. Military’s Assault on Overseas Labor Rights

Originally published at In These Times A six-foot gash in the wall; charred corpses strewn amid the rubble of a collapsed building; families mourning nameless civilian casualties. Such tragic scenes are historically associated with the aftermath of military aggression, but these days, they also reflect a different kind of military assault—on

20 Feb 2014

Return to Lender

Originally published at In These Times Your friendly local post office may have an honorable history, but it’s facing tough times, including a fiscal crisis and, more generally, a struggle to keep pace with growing digital communication technologies. Conservatives have increasingly dismissed the United States Postal Service as a clunky

14 Feb 2014

Court Okays Labor Department Rule: Guestworkers Must Earn Prevailing Wages

Originally published at In these Times Each year, tens of thousands of immigrant “guestworkers” come to the United States on special employer-sponsored visas to work temporary jobs in landscaping, hotel housekeeping and other low-wage sectors. But for decades, these workers have been demonized and scapegoated, accused of hurting “native” U.S.

12 Feb 2014

Workers Can ‘Don and Doff’ Off the Clock, Says Court

Originally published at In These Times For workers in dangerous industries, safety should be non-negotiable. But the Supreme Court may have just given employers a little more leeway to put critical protections for workers on the table when bargaining over labor contracts. In a unanimous decision issued last month in Sandifer

07 Feb 2014

Who’s Really To Blame for Unemployment?

Originally published at In These Times Guided by the mythology of the “American dream”—the idea that, given the opportunity, the deserving will excel and rise above their peers—politicians often attribute unemployment to a mystical “skills gap.” If people can’t find a job, the logic goes, they clearly weren’t fit to be hired.

05 Feb 2014

A House Is Not a Home Without Rights for Care Workers

Originally published at In These Times Does a public union belong in the most private of workplaces? Thousands of personal care workers in Illinois who tend to elders and people with disabilities at home wouldn’t have it any other way. For years, they’ve relied on the Service Employees International Union