04 Feb 2011

When the Democrats come to Charlotte, the LGBTs won’t be welcome

This week the Democratic National Committee announced it would hold its 2012 national convention in Charlotte. The Democratic National Convention will be a boost to our lovely, little Southern city. It might also serve as an opportunity, if undertaken wisely, to improve the lives of LGBT people in Charlotte. The

31 Oct 2010

NC: Local safe schools advocates push for anti-gay incumbent ouster

It's a year of anti-incumbency. All across the nation, conservatives and Tea Partiers are pushing to oust any and all incumbents who haven't stuck to their hard-core anti-establishment, anti-immigrant, anti-working class, anti-gay, anti-[fill in the blank] agenda.  Yet, in Winston-Salem, N.C., there's a different kind of anti-incumbent fever sweeping through

27 Jul 2010

A conversation no one else will have: Charlotte, LGBT equality and the 2012 Democratic Convention

In case you haven't been following, Charlotte (North Carolina's largest city) is one of four potential host cities for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Two weeks ago, Pam highlighted a post I published at InterstateQ.com comparing Charlotte and its official stances on LGBT equality issues with those of the other

24 Jun 2010

Death throes for gay print media?

Cross-posted from InterstateQ.com Gay journo Michael Lavers, national news editor for Edge Media Network, took to discussing the state of LGBT print media in the Village Voice‘s annual “Queer Issue” this week. His piece, titled “Gay Print Media on the Wane,” rehashes the demise of Window Media — once the

01 Apr 2010

Update: N.C. LGBT constituent visit on DADT called ‘solicitation’

This morning, I posted about the Charlotte Rainbow Action Network for Equality's (CRANE) impending delivery of 13,500 plastic toy soldiers to the Charlotte offices of Rep. Sue Myrick: Grassroots activists with the Charlotte Rainbow Action Network for Equality (CRANE), myself included, are taking the day as an opportunity to raise

31 Mar 2010

NC: An April Fools’ Day DADT delivery to Rep. Sue Myrick

It's April Fools' Day. A perfect time for jokes and humor… and a perfect time, as always, to bring more awareness to the repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.” Grassroots activists with the Charlotte Rainbow Action Network for Equality (CRANE), myself included, are taking the day as an opportunity to

03 Mar 2010

NC: Congressman denounces anti-gay Uganda legislation

In a meeting with constituents in early February, North Carolina Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-07) distanced himself from the anti-gay death penalty legislation currently under debate in Uganda. I filed a story at QNotes on the update today: Additionally, Burris said the group asked McIntyre about his affiliation with “The Family,”

10 Jan 2010

Exciting changes in Carolinas LGBT media

Regular readers of the Blend have seen Pam link up and quote stories from qnotes a time or two. qnotes is the Carolinas-wide LGBT newspaper based in Charlotte (we share part of our market with the wonderful folks at Asheville's Stereotypd magazine). Folks have seen the economy tumble and, with

09 Dec 2009

NC: Cunningham announces Senate run, but will he lead like his hero Terry Sanford?

Cross-posted from InterstateQ.com Former N.C. State Sen. Cal Cunningham, a Winston-Salem, N.C.-native living in nearby Davidson County, has announced his challenge to Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, also of Winston-Salem. Other than the interesting regional connection between the two pols and what that means for the continued East-to-West political shift

07 Sep 2009

NC: D.A. asked to resign after racist comments

UPDATE (Sept. 9, 2009): Greensboro, N.C.'s WFMY reports that YES! Weekly has retracted their story about Tom Keith. It seems the reporter misheard the word “statistics” as “instincts.” Read more abou that and listen to audio of the interview here.  Community members – many of them fellow members of my