22 May 2012

Amendment One’s saving grace: Exposing religious violence against LGBT people

Just two weeks ago, voters in North Carolina approved 61 to 39 percent a discriminatory, anti-LGBT state constitutional amendment banning marriage and civil unions for same-sex couples and threatening domestic partner protections for all couples. The primary election came on the heels of a months-long campaign — proponents and opponents

03 May 2012

At 93, Billy Graham endorses anti-gay amendment, decides to go out with a bigoted bang

I’ve had great respect for Billy Graham in my life thus far. That ends today. According to the Vote For Marriage NC coalition and The Charlotte Observer, Rev. Billy Graham has endorsed the anti-LGBT, anti-children, anti-family and anti-business constitutional amendment on the North Carolina May 8 ballot. “At 93, I never thought

07 Mar 2012

Tony Perkins at First Baptist-Charlotte – Faith & Freedom, a straights-only exclusive country club

This post is an in-depth review of the March 4, 2012, worship service at First Baptist Church of Charlotte — its pastor, Mark Harris, the president of the North Carolina Baptist Convention — and its guest sermon by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins (reported by The Charlotte Observer here).