11 Oct 2011

Conservatives vs. the 99%

TheHill.com is reporting that the president’s American Jobs Act has failed in the Senate. Of course it got a majority of votes, but it didn’t get 60 votes. The wishes of the majority are vanquished by a minority. Two Democrats voted with the Republicans. Several other Democrats said they opposed

03 Aug 2011

Take Your Opportunities Where You Find Them

Liberals are in a tizzy and according to their values and desires things are not going well. I wish the Senate had changed the rules on the filibuster, but even that wouldn’t have made it a lot easier once the Republicans took the House of Representatives. Since they’ve taken over

29 Jan 2010

A little analysis of the Supreme Court ruling

I’ve looked at the recent SCOTUS ruling in Citizens united v. FEC.

11 Jan 2010

Massachussetts Senate Race

I watched the debate. The candidates spoke. I listened.

09 Jan 2010

America, North Korea and the Nuclear Threat

Modern nuclear policy and peace-making in light of our prior experiences.

29 Dec 2009

New Year’s Wish List

I’ve listened a couple of days to Lefties and what they want. It’s far from conclusive and doesn’t include “less taxes”, but it’s interesting. There’s a connection to the Right’s views.

26 Dec 2009

Agenda for the New Year

We can’t rest on our laurels. We must conclude issues and move on to new things.

08 Dec 2009

Plan B

How government can help stimulate job growth without selling it’s soul to special interests and pork projects.

23 Oct 2009

Tzipi’s and Ehud’s Excellent Adventure Continues

Are Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak being set up?

12 Jul 2009

Economics 2009

Where do we stand and where might we go from here.