16 Jan 2012

Mohamed Ali seventieth birthday tomorrow.

The Greatest, turns seventy tomorrow. Not much of a writer I am afraid so I will just reproduce Wikipedia entry: he declared that he would refuse to serve in the United States Army and publicly considered himself a conscientious objector. Ali stated that “War is against the teachings of the

17 Dec 2011

One year anniversary of the death of the Tunisian lad that started the middle east uprisings

I am not a writer, so this is just to mention this, and honour this man: It was in this hardscrabble town in Tunisia’s arid interior that exactly one year ago the death knell sounded for the decades-old system of dictatorships across the Arab world. With a desperate act of

18 Mar 2011

Wind Farms Survive Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami, And Continue To Operate

from Climate Progress website, important  news that you don’t hear to much about, the windfarms are working fine. Despite assertions by its detractors that wind energy would not survive an earthquake or tsunami the Japanese wind industry is still functioning and helping to keep the lights on during the Fuksuhima crisis.

05 Mar 2011

robert gates says no more land wars in Asia

It’s difficult to understand why this speech by Robert Gates, is not front pages news from http://www.williampfaff.com/ titled “lost in the news” Lost in the news has been an extremely significant speech last Friday [February 25] by departing Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Survivor of the Bush administration and often criticized

08 Oct 2010

Climate LoonyRepublicans…a Very Good Reason to Vote

Climate scientist says a Republican Senate or House will spell total disaster on climate change.

01 Oct 2010

Climate Change Progress from Obama

Obama will reduce GHG emissions by 28 percent according to plan released. Big step forward?

15 Sep 2010

Senate Democrats – Climate Change…What Me Worry?

Via Climate Progress/The Wonk Room: “…Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) is promoting a two-year moratorium on EPA climate action.” He has support from other Senate Democrats.

10 Aug 2010

Canada Post Stops Mail Delivery to Gaza

Canada Post stopped delivery of mail to Gaza, because Israeli Post said it would not deliver it.

from CBC.

23 Jul 2010

Obama and the Senate quit, and fail, on climate change.

The failed presidency of Barack Obama, Part 1
Rolling Stone: “Instead of taking the fight to big polluters, President Obama has put global warming on the back burner”

19 Jun 2010

Book “The Tyranny of Oil” Antonia Juhasz

“From its inception to the present day the oil industry has been plagued with massive anticompetitive, undemocratic, socially, economically, and politically destructive practices” (p.124)