25 Jan 2012

Remember The Pink Triangle This Friday

This Friday, January 27 is Holocaust Memorial Day and this year will mark the 67th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz. Many around the world will remember this atrocity against humanity mostly of the Jewish faith and there will be others who will remember those who

09 Oct 2011

White Nationalist Runs For City Council

Having a Mormon run for local office in Mesa, AZ is no surprise as Mesa has a large population of Mormons and one of the first Mormon Temples, but news of a White Nationalist or as some in the local media are calling Ralph A. Brandt, a White Supremacist, certainly is. Brandt will

08 Oct 2011

The Occupying Of FDL By #Occupy Posts

While I’m sure the oft well done postings about the various #Occupy events are interesting to some, I would venture to think they are not that interesting to all FDL readers particularly now that mainstream media and various bloggers, websites such as HuffPo, YouTube, even Ed Shutlz at MSNBC have picked up

07 Oct 2011

Two Journalists Murdered During Robbery

As was reported here in September two female Mexican journalists had been found murdered and the bodies of Ana María Yarce Viveros the founder of the weekly magazine Contralínea and Rocio González Trápaga who was a freelance journalist and use to work for Televisa were found in a Mexico City park on September 1.

05 Oct 2011

The Protest Generation That Ended A War

While both sides can argue whether the protests against “Wall Street” are or will do any good, my generation stood up and did make a difference. We ended a war that sacrificed over 58,000 US troops. And scarred and wounded many. Never forget our Vietnam War soldiers or the murdered Kent State 4.

05 Oct 2011

My Pizza Toppings Are A Choice Mr. Cain


04 Oct 2011

The NFL And Sean Maher Open The Closet

The NFL aka The No Fa&&ot* League as I use to refer to the sports org on my now gone to blog heaven blog Focus On The Rainbow has decided to take a step and move the socially accepted ball down the field during those pre-we never thought the season would

30 Sep 2011

Criminal Minds Tackles A Taboo Character

Admittedly I’m a late bloomer fan of the CBS series Criminal Minds. Over the years because of different jobs and work hours with various days off it is often hard for me to commit to watch a serialized TV show. However when I do it is often more for the

29 Sep 2011

UFOs Spotted In Video Of Haboob Storm

As you know you can’t believe everything you read or see on the Internet like the recent story that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will join and eventually become a spokesperson for NutriSystem as he attempts to shed weight and runs in the GOP primary for the Republican pick for President

28 Sep 2011

ZombieGate Your Tax Dollars At Work

According to an article from The Washington Post via the Arizona Republic your hard earned tax dollars have been paid out to dead people. Fraud my friends has no bounds even beyond the grave. When many of us complain about government waste the Office of Personnel Management is right up