27 Apr 2009

Alyssa Peterson: Every Generation Has a Sgt. York

This is what happens when you take away the legal ability of a soilder to object to an unlawful order. Soldiers who commit suicide rather than obey the order to commit torture.

26 Apr 2009

Did OLC Memos Prevent CIA Field from Objecting to Torture?

My rank speculation that torture was forced on CIA from above may not have been such a tin foil hat theory after all.

24 Apr 2009

Oversight: Unlike Katrina, TARP has an IPSIG

When 9-11 happened, NYC let out a bunch of no bid emergrancy contracts to work on “the pile” at Ground Zero. The Commissioner of the NYC Dpet. of Investigations, the late and great Ed Kurianksy, went to then Mayor Giuliani and insisted, that since there was great chaos and confusion at Ground zero and money was just being thrown at the problem, there would be a huge opporunity for waste fraud, and abuse.

23 Apr 2009

The Spitzer File Chronicles, Part 3: A Roadmap to Revelation

We have previously established that US District Court Judge Jed Rakoff is knowlegeble in the laws governing the release of “judicial records” and in the backstory of what happens on Wall Street. Judge Rakoff also issued a string of decisions unsealing the wiretap application and interim reports used to justfy time extensions of those wiretaps in the Elliot Spitzer prostitution case, aka the Emperor’s Club.

22 Apr 2009

The Torture Shrink: What Does James Mitchell Know, and What Will He Tell Us Under Oath?

The origins of the decision to use the “enhanced interrogation techniques” on prisoners in the “war on terror”: the idea originated with a psychologist with the SERE program. I would love to talk to that guy, under oath.

22 Apr 2009

The Spitzer File Chronicles, Part 2: Trying to Keep Secret What is No Longer Secret

As we found out in Part 1 of the Chronicles, US District Judge Jed Rakoff is a man who knows a lot about the First Amendment and a lot about the dirty laundry on Wall Street. So, it was fortuitous or ironic (depending on your point of view) that the Empror’s Club protitution ring case landed in his lap.

As we pointed discovered, Elliot Spitzer had earned the hatred of powerful men

21 Apr 2009

The Spitzer File Chronicles, Part 1: What Judge Rakoff Unsealed, Then and Now

Way back in the mists of time, er 2001, Judge Rakoff of the the federal district court SDNY issued a decision unsealing some court documents so that a news outlet, TheStreet.com, could have access to them for news gathering and disseminating purposes.

back in 1998 10 stock brokers and borakerage officials had been arrested for crimes committed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”).

17 Apr 2009

Why Obama Took Prosescution of CIA Officers off the Table — A Theory

Indulge me if you will in some rank speculation about why Obama has put prosecution of line case agents at CIA off the table.

16 Apr 2009

“Purpose” of Detainee Torture was Not to Get Information, It was to Inflict Pain

As Spencer pointed out, the first August 2002 OLC specified that it was acceptable to apply physical pain to a detainee so long as it was less than the sort of pain emerging from “organ failure, impairment of bodily functions, or even death.” and that as long as your “purpose” was to get actionable intelligence, not to cause pain, you were in the clear.However, the 5/10/05 memo tells

10 Apr 2009

Caroline Kennedy Can be My Ambassador Any Day

Gawker has a really bitchy piece of tripe up castigating Caroline Kennedy for expressing some interest in becoming Ambassador to the Vatican. Has she somehow forfeited all right to some kind of public role in the service of her country? I think not. Ms. Kennedy? You go girl!