23 Jun 2011

Watch NY vote on our marriage rights…

When do we get to vote on theirs?? http://livestre.am/1caj

09 Feb 2010

Vote on DADT…

Today the American Legion has a poll entitled What changes should be made to DoD policy on gays in the military? Please go vote… heres the link… http://www.legion.org/security… Thank You

11 Oct 2009

Ok … I’ve Had It…. I’m tired of being held hostage by my country

As an Army wife, I’m over all of this side stepping BS. My wife now has orders to Iraq. We do not have any sort of support from the army, and can NOT count on her family to do the right thing should, heaven forbid, something go wrong. She joined

20 May 2009

Adam Lambert loses idol…

For most likely being gay IMO… I had never watched this stupid show and my wife to be loves it so I decided to watch the whole season with her…under protest at first. Then the show was beginning to grow on me due to Adam Lambert’s performances. He was even

06 Feb 2009

It breaks my heart…

From the Courage Campaign…. Note from Pam: the Vimeo video has had a hard time loading. Here is one on YouTube from the Courage Campaign. The original one is below the fold. Follow this link to sign the petition… http://www.couragecampaign.org…

07 Jan 2009

Well at least the fundies will leave the LGBT alone for a while (I hope)

Due to the recession, apparently porn sales have dropped. So Larry Flint and Joe Francis are headed to D.C. to ask for a $5 Billion Porn Bailout… Here is a link to the report on Huffington Post… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…

09 Nov 2008

If your not in CA but want to protest..

Join the impact is organizing a nationwide protest next Saturday at 1:30 EST… Follow this link to find the location nearest you… http://www.jointheimpact.com/?… If there is not a location near you, they encourage you to start one… Please spread the word and re post this  as much as possible…

08 Nov 2008

Could we get Prop 8 back for a revote??

I heard on the news that a guy sent out a text that said due to expected high voter turn out, they have added an extra day of voting, so R’s vote on the 4th and D’s can vote on the 5th. He was just trying to be funny and

06 Nov 2008

What will it take to move forward?????

   After reading many posts and replies, it seems most of us are ready to kick it up a few notches and get this country moving in the right direction on LGBT issues/legislation. So tell me, in your area of the country, what is the logical next step. I know

05 Nov 2008

Yesterday is over….

   Yesterday was nothing more than bittersweet. I was elated over Obama but so damn disappointed over the LGBT losses I could feel nothing but numbness. After reading the posts here as well as other blogs I have seen a lot of finger pointing as to why this went down