16 Jul 2009

‘Bobbi with a I’ and I

I'd run across “Bobbi with an I” by country singer Phil Vassar a few months ago and was intrigued. The song tells the story of the singer's friend Bobby, a former “linebacker, a quarterback sacker,” who drives a tow truck and bench presses 335—and who shows up one night at

10 Jul 2009

The art and craft of disagreeing without being disagreeable

While others may have some Big Thoughts on civility, I wanted to talk about some of the nuts-and-bolts ways to engage in more civil discussions. I’ve had the good fortune to have learned some lessons in interpersonal communication that have served me well over the years — and are applicable

12 Feb 2009

No Lawrence King wasn’t sexually harassing his killer

One year ago today, Lawrence King was shot twice in the back of head by a classmate, after months of being harassed by fellow students for liking boys and being effeminate — including wearing girls clothing and calling himself “Leticia” at times. (Whether King would have grown up to be

30 Jan 2009

The only moral use of an epithet is my own…

To the Life+Style Editor of a gay newspaper petulantly defending his right to call people “trannies”  Dear Faggot: Now I know you won't be offended by me — a hetero crossdresser who also does drag — calling you that, since after all we're all about reclaiming terms, right? Just like

24 Oct 2008

The road not taken

In early 2007, Los Angeles Times sports columnist Mike Penner was one of two high-profile transitioners to hit the new. Unlike former Largo city manager Susan Stanton, who was run out of town, Penner's story had a happy ending. The Times stood behind Penner, who rechristened herself Christine Daniels, even