21 Sep 2010

News of Mohammed Ibn Laith

Mohammed Ibn Laith was shot on Sunday, while protecting a convoy of Christians on their way to Mass. He has been declared out of danger by doctors, and it is hoped he’ll leave ICU as early as Wednesday.

21 Sep 2009

International Day of Peace

Sept. 21 is International Peace Day.

19 Aug 2009

In Tribute

Today is the first ever World Humanitarian Day.

30 Jul 2009

Free As the Breeze (for a little while)

Gaza kids break mass kite-flying record today.

25 Jul 2009

Global Day of Action for Iran, San Francisco 7/25/09

Global Day of Action for Iran, San Francisco

13 Jul 2009

Former McClatchy Writer, Newly Arrived in US from Iraq, Needs Help

Hussein Khalifa needs a hand in friendship and support. Can you help this former McClatchy Baghdad Bureau writer?

20 Jun 2009

Remember the Displaced on International Refugee Day

Thinking of IDPs and Refugees on International Refugee Day.

26 May 2009

Marriage is a Human Right

Time to start the fight for marriage equality in Ca.

20 May 2009

5/28/09: National Day of Resistance to U.S. Torture

Thursday 5/28/09 is a National Day of Resistance of U.S. Torture.

14 May 2009

Think of Others by Mahmoud Darwish (Just – as Elliott Would Say – for So)

A poem by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish