31 Aug 2014

The House of Saud, Wahabism, And ISIS. All Related.

Been a long time since I posted anything here at The Lake. And I apologize to editors and readers both for being unable to insert a simple graphic from either photobucket or flickr. Thanks for any help possible . . . . But, this read from The World Post was so informative

30 Mar 2014

What Price, Our Country? Cesar Chavez

Been a long while since I had something to share. Today, I got hit hard with something to share. Here I go. Most folks know of the struggles of the immigrant and migrant farm workers in California’s history, the people who gave their daily lives of 16 hours to the

24 Mar 2013

Garden, Garden Hoosesghotta Garden

Title is a tip of my hat and martini to Herb Caen bless his soul. So, temps at night just a WEE bit too cold (lo 40’s or less) till now, the night times are now up to about mid 40’s/hi 40’s. Time to start the Spring Thing All Over

08 Jan 2013

Of Platinum Coin Fantasies

Much has, and is, been/being written about this platinum coin concept. At FDL, at least, or MYFDL. I’ve been critical of it cuz, mostly, it’s a phookin fantasy. There’s just no WAY this President, or Congress, will endorse or enable it in any manner or form. But many continue to

29 Dec 2012

Mike Auldridge Died This Morning, 5am Right Coast Time

He is a legend, a master. He sang baritone and played dobro. He changed dobro play and musicianship in the way that Beethoven changed symphonic music. He changed things in music and dobro play that people and generations to come will emulate, from lessons. And they already have been for

21 Nov 2012

Just A Quick Note Of Thanks

Lookin back thru the years, back to Libby Gate, smilin at it all. Thankin the stuff that be, for Mz. Hamsher, her efforts thru the years, all the people involved behind the scenes, on the front pages, and of course, each and every person who commented then, and now. There’s

19 Nov 2012

Give Em Da Boid!

A repost from Texas Betsy’s Beach House, from years ago, bless her for hosting that site. But still, a good way to do the boid this Thursday. We’re doin Da Boid in oven due to fire ordinance ban for bbq’s in our complex (still good), roasted garlic mashed red and

14 Nov 2012

GENGate! More, Now, Than Ever!

Ok, info continues to pour in about GenGate. It’s still difficult to decipher, absorb and know the players and their parts. SFGate dot com had a timeline and scorecard, but I can’t find it now. Only a meaningless org chart that’s more camp than info, bless their little meaningless hearts.

13 Nov 2012


Wow, Petreaus Gate has become General Gate. I was greatly suspicious from day one, thot that it had to be spooks driven. And evidence mounts, that it is. Seems new info reveals biographer/military intelligence student/reservist and MI practitioner Paula Broadwell (aka The Mole?) spent time in Israel studying, working, and

27 Sep 2012

Let’s Pick-Politics, Crooked, Levon Helm

The year is fraught with all the political lies, diatribes, scribes and wanna be’s. Mittens has gone south faster and earlier than Grant thru Richmond (ok, that was at the end of the war, I was lookin for rhyme and metaphors gimme a break). Obama lays back, gathering cred where