02 Jun 2010

Watercooler: 5-Star Performances From the Left

Take note: Noam Chomsky, demonstrating how to calmly and convincingly handle a hostile reporter: Glenn Greenwald wasn’t quite as calm, but he gave an equally convincing performance with apologist Eliot Spitzer: I particularly love Greenwald’s annhiliation of the "Egypt is doing it too" argument. Seen any other compelling performances in

01 Jun 2010

Watercooler: Helen Thomas Does It Again

D.C.’s finest, Helen Thomas, today held The Administration’s feet to the fire over its mewling reaction to the latest Israeli violence: “The initial reaction to the flotilla massacre, deliberate massacre, an international crime, was pitiful. What do you mean you regret something that should be so strongly condemned, and if

29 May 2010

Watercooler: Even Reagan Wasn’t a Reagan Republican

A good read from Newsweek, pointing out the myopia inherent in the GOP’s "I’m-More-Conservative-Than-You-Are" charade. As they point out, no Republican president of the last half century would cut mustard. Their scores, on the 1-1o Purity scale: Nixon: 2/10 Fod: 1/10 Reagan: 4/10 George H.W.: 5/10 George W: 4/10 With

27 Apr 2010

Watercooler: The Political Seuss

Caption:" …and the wolf chewed up the children and spit out their bones…/ But those were Foreign Children and it really didn’t matter." Dr. Seuss’ moral musing is even more applicable to our modern era of globalization. As for my favorite Seuss quote, I’ll go with the Lorax, "unless someone

19 Mar 2010

Watercooler: From a Former Drug Warrior

Continuing on last night’s video, another one that points out the absurdities of our present drug policies.

06 Feb 2010

Saturday Art: An Introduction

Building on the success of our Food Sunday series, which brings together those members of our community interested in all matters food-related, we’re curating a weekly Saturday series focused on art: paintings, music, poetry, video, photography, visual art, art news, works of criticism or theory.

05 Feb 2010

Watercooler – US Troops in Haiti

Jim’s out tonight at a retreat, so I’m taking the watercooler tonight. Enjoy this video from Media Hacker, which is doing great journalism from Haiti and was recently featured on Democracy Now. I feel a lot of pride watching our military acting in this role, and the tremendous potential inherent

09 Nov 2009

The Slow Continental Shift of the War on Drugs

On Tuesday, mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes announced an initiative aimed at reducing the use of crack cocaine. Although his language was bellicose, calling it a “constant fight,” the method is more benign; assistance centers to help females and minors conquer the vice. The move is only the

29 Oct 2009

Print Magazines In Decline. Vampires to Blame?

The fear pervading the print industry right now is understandable; media organizations are hemorrhaging money; ad sales are anemic; online revenues are inadequate and show little potential for improvement. But some of the reactions provoked by this fear strike one more as scapegoating rather than an honest investigation of reality. In that vein–the recent claim made by Creative Cloud that social media is killing print media.