18 Oct 2008

Less of This, Please

There are just a few things I'd like to see or hear less of. 1. Endng a sentence with a preposition. (Just saving Tart the trouble of pointing my bad grammar out!) 2. Joe Lieberman standing next to McCain at a rally, or pretending he's an independent who supports McCain.

25 Sep 2008

The Raised Black Fist Is Bad News

The Republican Party doesn't like to see it. But I do. A stadium full of black fists. Shaft!! My 8th grade math teacher at a Christian private school introduced me to Isaac Hayes. After he made red marks appear on my ass for earning a D in math. I don't

14 Jul 2008

Racism Isn’t Dead

I was just having an online chat with a friend of mine from our Christian academy high school and she asked me if I remembered a guy from the school. I did remember him, and she proceeded to inform me that he shot a black man because he was dating

24 Feb 2008

Blaming the Victim: The Jamaican Version

Bloody buggery bollocks!  What is up with these mobs in Jamaica terrorizing the gay community?  Hopefully the Jamaican tourism board will try and knock some sense into the residents of that island.  I have never traveled in the Caribbean but it has long been one of my destinations of choice.

28 Nov 2007

Gender Identity Framed: Female Spectacles

I took the afternoon off from work to accompany txrad on his search for new glasses.  (Bifocals, yeahhh!!) The first shop we went in had a nice selection. We spent about 20 minutes trying on different frames. I found one pair I really liked — they had a darker tortoise

03 Nov 2007

Don’t Pee in My Gene Pool

Gawd, I'm so tired of racists and their warped minds. txrad and I have been checking out the finalists over at the Weblog Awards. We both like Angry  Black Cat in the Best New Blog category. Go read the post about the Nordic freak who is concerned about her gene

08 Nov 2006

Election Updates

guest posted by konagod… [Pam: NBC (12:36): George Allen is on CNN; hasn’t conceded (he’s at 49%, Webb 50%); waiting on absentee ballot count tomorrow. ] [Pam: NBC (11:00): DEMS TAKE THE HOUSE!!! Prepare for Speaker Pelosi!] [Amendment update from Pam (10:45): All the measures in the South have passed

24 Oct 2006

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be princesses

[by Holly Capote]There’s a magazine called Disney Princess Magazine. Here’s one of the reviews posted by Amazon customers: “We just started receiving this magazine and my 4 year old loves it. If your daughter is obsessed with Disney princesses like mine, then this is the magazine for her. It has

24 Oct 2006

Cyber-Verbal Violence

[by Holly Capote]Consider these readers’ responses to an article about writer/director Nora Ephron in a recent profile posted at Salon: “Christ, that article just wasted five minutes of my life I will never get back.” “This woman is a complete asshole and a terrible director. She should be forced to

23 Oct 2006

Racial Separation Prevalent in Masonic Groups

[via konagod] I frequently see debates in other comment threads about racism being a factor in elections these days. I brought it up myself in a piece by Litbrit over at Shakes’ place regarding Barack Obama possibly making a White House run in 2008. Lest there be any doubt that