27 Oct 2011

Occupy Groups to Protest Cantor Speech at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will be giving a speech on income inequality at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Friday between 12:15 and 1:00 pm. And several Chicago area Occupy groups will greet him. In the wake of that announcement, at least four groups are planning coordinated protests Friday,

18 Mar 2011

Douglass and some thoughts on the Maryland debacle

(Frederick Douglass mural, Falls Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland) The controversy surrounding the participation of Irish LGBT groups in New York City’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, recurring thoughts of the marriage equality debacle in Maryland, and Rev. Irene Monroe’s Bilerico post connecting the St Patrick’s Parade to the Black Church sent

08 Mar 2011

Classic 70’s TV: “Maude Meets Florida”

This episode of Maude is as important today as when it first aired in the 1970’s.

01 Mar 2011

Have Marriage Equality Opponents violated the Maryland Constitution?

It seems that marriage equality opponents in Maryland may have already begun to collect signatures in anticipation of an upcoming referendum on the state’s marriage equality bill. Supporters of traditional marriage are not waiting for state delegates or Gov. Martin O’Malley to approve the gay marriage legislation before preparing for

06 Jan 2011

Bigots are the problem in the military

I was killing some time earlier today doing some genealogical research of online records that originated in my father’s hometown of Henderson, Kentucky. That search lead me to the website the Henderson local newspaper The Gleaner (that search also led me to finding out a couple of things about Dad’s

01 Jan 2011

Happy New Year, everyone

To Pam, Kate, Lurleen, Alvin, Louise, and all the baristas. And Happy New Year to all the commenters that keep conversation in this particular coffee house interesting. Yes, even you, SciFi Geek.

05 Nov 2010

And so it begins…but maybe we should blame the “bougies” instead?

Here’s the headline of a diary over at The Great Orange Satan. Gays Disproportionately Moved to the GOP on Tuesday while over at The Huffington Post: Gay Voters’ Support for Republicans Doubled From 2008

25 Oct 2010

Please, Obamabots, stick with the historical facts

Historically, the party of the president in power almost always loses seats in the midterm elections. And sometimes, as in 1946 and in 1994 power changes hands in Congress. Now who’s being the petulant, whiny babies? Yes, a new chapter of American history did begin on November 4, 2008 but

15 Oct 2010

New DSCC ad gay baits US Senate candidate Mark Kirk (R-IL)

Politics in the Land of Lincoln is getting nasty. First, there’s Mark Kirk being caught on camera w about nigg…oops, I mean jiggering the vote in Chicago’s black communities. I guess Kirk wants black folks in Chicago to be more (ahem!) niggardly with their votes. The tool. Then there’s the

20 Sep 2010

Limning the white boy in me; Q of the Day

Apparently to Baltimore Sun reader Carol N. Shaw, I am probably “unbelievably arrogant and patronizing.” Why would she say such a thing? Because there is at least one instance in the Blend where I used the word “limn.” The “I need more gangsta sh!t” side and the “What’s wrong with