03 Mar 2015

Mining & Fracking World Whirl: 3 Mar 2015

Our sun over the past five years. *Worldwide.  Destroying the world that feeds us:  shellfish are now threatened.   Ocean acidification (OA) is increasing as the oceans try to absorb all the carbon we produce, thus endangering much ocean life.  Most vulnerable US coastal areas affected are identified, along with

25 Feb 2015

Mining & Fracking World Whirl: 24 Feb 2015

Rachel Maddow on two major oil fires on either side of the country. *Big News:  President Obama has vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline bill. *Worldwide. Sand is disappearing around the world, through legal and illegal means.  It’s becoming yet more natural resources we are consuming far too fast.  Preview from

17 Feb 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 17 Feb 2015

Rachel Madow on Pipelines and Absence of Pipeline Inspectors *Worldwide.  Continuous counting widget shows how much heat, measured in “Hiroshima atomic bombs” equivalences, is being generated. Downloadable. *USA.  Off the coast of New England, sea surface temperatures “are flashing red, sowing an extreme warm anomaly.”  That’s a direct, immediate link

10 Feb 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 10 Feb 2015

National Climate Assessment: Oceans *Worldwide.  They’ve got things so bollixed up that, even though it appears global warming has slowed a bit, that’s on Earth’s surface.  Deep down in the oceans, the warming trend continues, most markedly in the southern Pacific and Indian Oceans. *Worldwide.  Royal Dutch Shell is using

03 Feb 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 3 Feb 2015

http://youtu.be/SoKebRxb7Wg Naelyn Defends “Oak Flat”(Apache) Ancestral Land *Worldwide. As the corporate oil crisis deepens, will governments “earn the wrath of society by doing what they have always done—bailing out their friends in big business—or admit that they got energy policy wrong and make late and painful changes”? Answer: “Just let

27 Jan 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 27 Jan 2015

“Dirty Water, Dirty Money: Coal Ash and the Attack on North Carolina’s Courts” *Worldwide.  It’s now 3 minutes ’til Doomsday, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Due to  human-caused climate change. *Worldwide.  Ocean warming is accelerating rapidly as “more than 90 percent of human induced planetary warming goes

20 Jan 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 20 Jan 2015

The Real Price of Keystone – Chief Allan Adam, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation *Worldwide.  Global warming in 30 seconds.  Another way to look at it (h/t Elliott). *Worldwide. Scientists say we’ve passed four of nine “planetary boundaries” thanks to our own activities.   We’re “‘eating away at our own life support

13 Jan 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 13 Jan 2015

Hold Your Breath! *Overview from Rome. Pope Francis has added his voice in opposition to mining and fracking–disregard for the earth in general. He appears in a movie, La Guerra Del Fracking de Pino Solanas (The Fracking War), banned in Argentina (where the government calls fracking “non-conventional gas”), but now

06 Jan 2015

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 6 Jan 2015

Methane and other poisonous gases leak into the atmosphere, contributing to the major “Hot Spot” over Four Corners, NM.  (Earthworks has several such videos here.) *Worldwide.  Refreshing green energy roundup from Juan Cole:  wind turbines in Scotland generated enough energy for 98% of households last year; renewables in Germany supplied

30 Dec 2014

Mining & Fracking Whirl: 30 Dec 2014

Haida Raid: Save Our Waters *Everywhere. Oil at $60/barrel in London, 26 Dec;  Brent at $57.88/barrel 29 Dec,  US crude at $53.61/barrel . *Everywhere.  We are reaching peak water.  Water is a finite resource and its availability of increasing concern, thanks to overconsumption, misuse, poisoning by industry (including  extractive and