05 Feb 2014

the TPP contract for a corps-appointed tribunal

These pretend Constitutional “trade agreements” are just that. They are corporate contracts between Incorporateds and nations. NAFTA granted Incorporateds equality to nations and the ability to sue nations via the World Trade Organization. TPP makes Incorporateds superior to nations and substitutes a corps-appointed Global Tribunal for established human law and

19 Jan 2014

Email to Senator Rubio re S.1900 — edits invited

I called Senator Rubio and Congressman DeSantis offices to reaffirm my concern about S.1900/HR.3830 as well as be sure they had the number and name of the “fast track” bills. I also asked if I could email my concerns in full and how I would go about doing so. Yes,

15 Jan 2014

Just say NO! to S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority” and HR.3830 “Congressional Trade Priorities Act”

It will be helpful when calling your senators and representative to have the specific number and title for “fast track.” When I speak with staff, I try to explain that S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority” HR.3830 “Congressional Trade Priorities Act” is fast track for the TPP Contract created in secret by

19 Apr 2013

Public comment period on the Keystone XL SEIS expires on April 22, Earth Day

The public comment period on the Keystone XL SEIS expires on April 22, Earth Day. Comments can be sent to: keystonecomments@state.gov The only State Dept public hearing on the XL pipeline that would bisect America was held in Nebraska yesterday: http://ens-newswire.com/2013/04/19/keystone-xl-pipeline-all-risk-no-reward-state-dept-told/   Alberta-based TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP has applied for

07 Apr 2013

Dear Abby

Dear Abby Our son, an unemployed roofer, is an avid gun collector and spends any money he earns from odd jobs acquiring more; it worries me that with each new weapon, his aggressiveness is increasing toward our neighbors and people in a town not far from here. Our daughter, an

27 Feb 2013

called FL senators’ offices re brennan today

After I called Senator Nelson’s DC office, listened to his long (40-seconds) pre-recorded message prior to being put on hold, I hung up; and “ixquicked” Senator Nelson and Rubio’s nearest local office phone number and address. Both have Jacksonville offices so that is where I called a few minutes after

26 Feb 2013

SOS John Kerry urges EU to sign “free trade” pact SOS

Will the EU read the fine print of this “nafta” deal? the part where they elevate global corps’ interests above their EU and member countries? Will they subject their established policies regarding the environment, no GMOs, data privacy, GE crops, etc., etc., to the WTO tribunal? If/when the EU signs

17 Feb 2013

if a climate change protest is taking place right now in D.C. and no media is reporting it,

has it happened? 350.org has livestream. by the way, interesting that the pResident had an urgent “press free” golf game to play in Florida today.

12 Dec 2012

12-12-12, 12 years ago

12 years ago today, the US Supreme Court stopped the recount of ballots cast in Florida and appointed George Bush, Jr. as POTUS. My calendar note records this as the “Day Democracy Died.” Imagine what our world could have achieved . . .

09 Dec 2012

Cheap, effective mold removal

You’ve probably encountered mildew in bathrooms especially around bathtubs and showers or in closets or closed areas where water has leaked. Any water source will create mold even fresh, chlorinated “city” water; and it will continue to do so until the source is stopped and the area cleaned and air