11 Apr 2009

Looking back: Brattleboro, VT’s, hearing on Same-sex marriage: December 5, 2007

In December of 2007, I published this diary, which started with the following: Tonight’s Same Sex Marriage Hearing starts with a 5pm info session followed by a meeting at 6:30pm.  I will post notes throughout the evening in the comments section, many of which will be just thoughts off the

10 Apr 2009

More from “Nation for Marriage:” the talking points revealed

Through extensive research (okay, I browsed their web site), I discovered the secret (these people are really not at all subtle) agenda behind the web site “Nation for Marriage.”   Take for example, their primary talking point: Language to avoid at all costs: “Ban same-sex marriage.” Our base loves this

04 Apr 2009


I have been to Iowa exactly once in my life.   Over two decades ago, I heard a story that got me on a bus and on my way there.   This was the story: the previous year, there had been a gay pride parade in Dubuque.  Thirty people participated.

29 Mar 2009

The harmful distraction of same-sex marriage

cross-posted to Vermont’s Green Mountain Daily From Vermont’s Rutland Herald: Douglas said several of the bills lawmakers have outlined as their top priorities are unnecessary distractions… Among those bills are a gay marriage measure… As proof of the Governor’s accuracy here, I present to you a series of politicians who

23 Mar 2009


Per Vermont Public Radio: The Vermont Senate voted 26-to-four on Monday to approve a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. Supporters said the legislation is needed to provide same-sex couples with all the legal rights and privileges that heterosexual couples have. If the bill becomes law, Vermont would become the

10 Mar 2009

The idiocy of opposition to same-sex marriage

Crossposted to Vermont’s Green Mountain Daily From m-w.com: id-i-ot…  Middle English, from Anglo-French ydiote, from Latin idiota ignorant person… A large group of professional organizations have come out in support of same-sex marriage: Same-sex marriage rights got an endorsement Monday from four Vermont professional organizations who cited research findings that

05 Mar 2009

Some days I just get really angry

Cross-posted to Vermont’s Green Mountain Daily I want to start by explaining that marriage is something that is, personally, an abstraction.  I get that people get married.  I get why they get married.  There are some very specific practical reasons for it, but those to me are more a matter

13 Jan 2009

Another example of blatant racism, this time from Bush’s white house

Per Talking Points Memo.  TPM quotes the Schlozman report: In… 2004, Voting Section Chief John Tanner sent an e-mail to Schlozman asking Schlozman to bring coffee for him to a meeting both were scheduled to attend. Schlozman replied asking Tanner how he liked his coffee. Tanner’s response was, “Mary Frances

13 Jan 2009

Taking anti-racism personally

I’ve seen this happen before, and it’s always a bit frustrating.  Per Fritz’s diary, with one particular paragraph highlighted: Dear Editor, Monterey County Herald, I am amazed at the jaw-dropping stupidity of your printing a letter that calls Barack Obama “our new zippity-do-dah president.” Obviously, you are not familiar with

11 Nov 2008

Your Guide to the Coming Republican Civil War

Many of you have heard reports about the coming Republican Civil War, which I will henceforth be referred to as THE WAR TO END ALL REPUBLICANS (“WEAR,” for short) But most of this has been discussed merely as a split between the camps of John Sidney McCain and Sarah Louise