27 Mar 2009

The Disloyal Opposition

Voice of America says that “As President Barack Obama makes his way through his first 100 days in office, Republicans are still trying to find their voice as the loyal opposition as they adjust to a new Democratic president and Democratic control of Congress.” Some of them, like Bobby Jindal, have decided disloyal pays off better.

27 Mar 2009

NY-20: Siena Poll Shows Tedisco Four Points Behind

In a poll taken before the Obama endorsement ad was released in the district, the Republican has fallen four points behind in a district with a 70+k registration advantage. Maybe trying to nationalize the election as a referendum on the stimulus package isn’t working out for them…

20 Mar 2009

Panic! At Tedisco

In the latest episode of Assemblyman Tedisco: the voters or the people paying for the ads?, the Republican candidate for Sen. Gillibrand’s former seat swerved towards his would-be district and distanced himself from Rush Limbaugh. That lasted a few hours…

17 Mar 2009

More NY-20: Mr. Tedisco Hits a Speed Bump

When last we saw Mr. Jim Tedisco, he was turning down help from the RNC because they were too negative for his district, and he wanted to run a kinder, gentler race. Only now, it’s starting to look as if what he really wants is to distance himself from the head of the RNC, one Michael Steele, who is, if you haven’t noticed, very unpopular with national Republicans, because his new friends aren’t very nice at all. . . .

13 Mar 2009

Tedisco (NY-20) – Man of Steele?

Mr. Tedisco, the Republican who’s trying to get Sen. Gillibrand’s old seat, has a small problem. Not only is he polling way behind the Republican registration advantage in his district, it’s starting to look as if national Republicans want him to lose.

06 Mar 2009

NY20: The Saga Continues

When last we met Mr. Tedisco, the Republican candidate for Sen. Gillibrand’s seat (in a district he doesn’t live in), he was refusing to say where he stood on the stimulus package. This week, he continued to refuse to say where he stands on the stimulus package. Happily, his guest, Mr. Giuliani, was less discreet.

27 Feb 2009

NY-20 – the rebirth of Republicans?

Mr. Tedisco, of the State Assembly, is running on the Republican line for Sen. Gillibrand’s former seat. He’s got a rogue’s gallery of usual suspect Republican supporters, an ad campaign which carefully omits his party identification, and a few burgeoning scandals. If anyone’s still interested, there’s a NY congressional race that could use some attention.

20 Feb 2009

The Essential Oversight

When the Republicans in Congress promise us oversight, they’re not kidding. They built a major oversight right into the stimulus bill.

18 Feb 2009

Great Moments in Pocket-Lining: The Cantor Family Bailout

Minority Whip Eric Cantor is disturbed by government bailouts. Nonetheless, he voted for the one which helped his wife’s company.

13 Feb 2009

Mr. Boehner has a Tantrum

Oh, dear. Mr. Boehner’s all sad again, because the Democrats aren’t being respectful of the minority party, like a majority party should be. Badumpcha. Tip your waiters and try the veal.