21 Jan 2015

Science-schmience, Georgia just wants to execute this intellectually disabled man

Here’s a riddle: Unless the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles or the U.S. Supreme Court steps in, Warren Hill will be executed on January 27th in Georgia. Yet if Hill lived in any other state, he would be safe from execution. How could that be? The answer is that

07 Jan 2015

New Infographic: The Declining Death Penalty

A new infographic shows that the trend away from capital punishment usage in states continued in 2014, demonstrating a growing national consensus against use of the death penalty:  

12 Nov 2014

Tell Texas: Executing Mentally Ill Scott Panetti Would Cross the Line of Common Decency

This is the enduring image of Scott Panetti, a severely mentally ill man on death row in Texas: a paranoid schizophrenic wearing a TV-Western cowboy costume; on trial for his life; insisting on defending himself without counsel; attempting to subpoena the Pope, John F. Kennedy, and Jesus Christ; and raising

22 Oct 2014

Sentenced to death and later found innocent, one man seeks to bring his story to the big screen

Convicted of murder and sentenced to death, yet innocent. This hell is unimaginable to most people, but it was all too real for Kirk Bloodsworth. Bloodsworth spent eight years in prison, including two on death row, before becoming the first U.S. prisoner exonerated through DNA testing for a capital conviction.

22 Sep 2014

Texas Wants to Execute This Mentally Ill Man: Will SCOTUS Step In?

Ron Honberg of the National Association of Mental Illness begins his recent op-ed for the National Law Journal describing a situation so strange that one assumes it is fiction: A person diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia is accused of murdering his in-laws. He insists on defending himself without counsel and wears

15 Jul 2014

Death Row Prisoner Challenges Lethal Injection Secrecy Based on 1st Amendment

An Arizona death row prisoner is arguing that the government’s secrecy is in violation of the First Amendment rights of all citizens to have complete information about the execution process. Joseph Wood, scheduled to be executed on July 23, 2014, is currently appealing a district court decision at the Ninth

15 Jul 2014

Executed But Innocent: New Book Details Harrowing Case of Carlos DeLuna

As support for capital punishment in America continues to erode, a new book might be the next nail in the death penalty’s coffin. The Wrong Carlos: Anatomy of A Wrongful Execution details the harrowing case of Carlos DeLuna, who was killed by lethal injection on December 7, 1989 for a

02 Jul 2014

OK and MO Governors Win Golden Padlock for Unwavering Commitment to Secrecy in Executions

This weekend, the prestigious national journalism organization Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) awarded its annual “Golden Padlock” award to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for their commitment to government secrecy surrounding state executions. “Being named the most secretive government agencies amid competition this fierce requires an

26 Jun 2014

Oklahoma’s Execution Procedures Found Appallingly Lacking in Newspaper Investigation

When Oklahoma horrifically botched the execution of Clayton Lockett on April 29, many were left to wonder just how an execution could go so terribly wrong. A new Tulsa Worldinvestigation suggests that Oklahoma’s risky, flawed lethal injection procedures are at least partially to blame. The deficiencies of Oklahoma’s lethal injection

16 Jun 2014

African Methodist Episcopal Church Leaders Join Others Urging Clemency For John Winfield

Previously on MyFDL: “Victim’s Daughter, Former Juror, & MO NAACP Urge Governor: Clemency For John Winfield!” On Monday, clergy and leaders of the African Methodist Episcopal church added their voices to a growing group of prominent individuals urging Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to grant clemency to John Winfield, a man scheduled