22 Apr 2012

GSA Management — Where’s Obstruction in the Discussion? — MIA

It bewilders me that the obstruction of the Republicans, especially individual blockages of appointments by Republican senators, has not made more headlines or provoked more outrage.  If ever a team or business had to deal with this kind of obstruction, its effectiveness would be crippled — to then blame the

23 Oct 2010

What Happens for Members When Membership Corporations Support Political Groups

The owner of Gold’s Gym put this member in a bind when he supports political groups via corporate contributions. I’m sharing in the diary a comment sent to Gold’s Gym.

12 Jul 2009

AG Holder: Help POTUS Out BY Appointing Torture Special Prosecutor

President Obama needs help, and you, AG Eric Holder, are the man.
Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate torture.