18 Apr 2008

FDL Welcomes Sen. John Kerry: On Net Neutrality

The Senate Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on Tuesday to look at the future of the Internet, and a big part of that equation is net neutrality. Obviously — and I know you don’t need to hear it from me — we need to keep up the pressure on this issue. The uncertainty isn’t helpful, and we have to set the rules of the road and protect the innovative world of a free and open Internet.

19 Jul 2007

Blogosphere Day

Today, you may have noticed, is the fourth annual Blogosphere Day, with a whole set of different voices of the blogosphere coming together to fundraise for a specific cause. I want to chime in here and do my part.

The blogosphere, the netroots, the online activists, however you want to name it, the overall change brought about by the activism online has already been enormous.