11 May 2012

The Student Loan Rate Scam (Fraud)

Believe it or not, wallstreet is a farm- in the farming business. In this farm are a bunch of live”stock”. They raise the livestock by feeding them loans to repay so they can work for their owners and later, when they are relatively useless or expensive, they can slaughter them.

03 May 2012

Of course, Mitt WILLARD Romney has his head up the culo from which he speaks

RATED “R”. There are a group of so-called people (more like non-humans) who celebrate the death of Jesus. And seem to want to do it again. Recently, Paul ryan – whom i personally believe has BIPOLAR disorder – put the fraudster ayn rand right at the cross with a hammer

25 Apr 2012

QUESTION… Why did repubes go so far so fast off the cliff?

I heard Rachel Maddow ask this question at the end of her show on Monday – as i recall – and thought about it. So I – being quite busy otherwise – and not being a fabulous writer, yet – made an attempt to answer that question. comments welcome. Maybe

21 Mar 2012


RON PAUL WINS BIG ALL OVER!! You didn’t hear that from me. You heard that from the popular votes of the American people. All over. everywhere. We have all heard the stories about the backroom counts in Iowa, the non-counts in main, the “as usual” voting count fraud in florida,

20 Mar 2012

Welcome to SYRIA, U.S.A.

Trayvon Martin, citizen, United States of America, shot and killed for being a citizen. George Zimmerman, citizen, United States of America, shot and killed- a citizen of the United States of America. It all started so log ago, this new americanized christian fraud. We stand today as the inheritors of

15 Mar 2012

Keith Olberman, Today’s “Worst Persons”

WORST PERSONS ON “PAUSE” AGAIN… http://current.com/shows/countdown/videos/keith-olbermann-on-continued-false-equivalence-from-the-right-irin-carmon-comments-on-limbaugh-controversy ok KEITH…. So you want to raise the bar of standards of behavior so as neither to demean nor denigrate others as show of class and civility i suppose. So as not to draw fire as if you are afraid of drawing fire? Or

09 Mar 2012

Teresa Sayward has something to say

“It’s disheartening for me to see our party move away from what it was always about and that is to stay out of people’s lives, let them live their lives, don’t impose their religion on anybody else.” This is a statement from some nice person as she is who has

06 Jan 2012

Romney Cheated on His Income Tax, Right?

Right. left. up. down. Right? Romney, aka “ha ha ha ha” laughing boy, having robbed America of jobs to enrich himself at your expense, has a LOT TO HIDE from you. In fact, my educated guess is if you found out what he was hiding from you, he would be

06 Jan 2012

Barack Obama has to be more careful about doing right for America.

Any more u.s. marine style “personal initiative” doing the good work for America might get old “itchy mitchy” mcconnel so shook up, he could have a heart attack and drop. That might not be good. I said, “might”. more republicans violate the constitution and christianity – as usual Just now

04 Jan 2012

Wilburr “aka mitt” romney LOSES IOWA CAUCUS

IOWA re-pubes make re-FOOLS of the re-PUBLIC. RON PAUL BEATS MITTSKI 2:1. You will hear it from the republican media (the fans of the illegal iraq war) that MIITTSKi won…. but that’s a spin. Santorum publicly announced that he would vote for Ron Paul. Predictably and realistically, Ron Paul beat