17 Jun 2013

Manning and Snowden Acting on Their Conscience: We Must Act On Ours

By Jill McLaughlin, World Can’t Wait Steering Committee On the afternoon of Sunday June 9th the internet was abuzz with news that the person who leaked information on the depths and true nature of the NSA spying apparatus had come forward. We learned it was Edward Snowden. It was one

06 Oct 2011

There As In Here: Demanding An End To The U.S. War & Occupation in Afghanistan While We Occupy Together

As an activist and organizer against the U.S. War/ Occupations and torture I see the potential for truly changing the world as it now is as we approach the 10 year old U.S. war and occupation of Afghanistan.  This feeling of excitement and the sense there is something beautiful and

18 Apr 2010

What’s Our Line?: Shutting Down the Theater of Crime

We enter the theater and take a seat in the dark. The reel begins. Our eyes are fixed on the crime drama playing out on the screen. We think, for some reason, to look down at our hands. We are assured in the flickering light of the screen by the

19 Dec 2009

Answer to Your Question: Guantanamo Detainees to Come to Illinois

This article is a response to a World Can't Wait Supporter who wrote in after we released this statement here calling on people to oppose and resist the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the Thomson Correctional Facilty in Thomson, IL. The response illustrates the questions people will ask those who

29 Nov 2009

Video of Wedding Party Being Bombed in Downtown Chicago: Protest the Surge!

On Friday November 27th the Chicago World Can't Wait Chapter went out among the Black Friday shoppers in downtown Chicago to challenge them to protest the continuation of U.S. crimes in the Middle East.  We performed a “wedding” in which the wedding party is bombed by a drone. There have

20 Nov 2009

Can’t Make It?Watch the Live Webcast of the World Can’t Wait Meeting

This weekend the World Can't Wait will have it's national meeting in NYC. This meeting comes at a critical time. As it becomes increasingly clear that Obama is not bringing about the hope and change some many believed he would many of you have questions about what can be done.

14 Nov 2009

The Clampdown: What Are You Gonna Do Now?

Dear Reader the World Can't Wait is having it's national meeting November 21st and 22nd. You are needed. Register  Here  What are we gonna do now? Taking off his turban, they said, is this man a Jew? ’Cos working for the clampdown They put up a poster saying we earn