10 Oct 2012

Camille Paglia endorses Jill Stein

Along with Matt Stoller, former staffer for Alan Grayson (D-FL), another prominent Democrat refuses to support the uniparty this election. In a recent interview, Camille Paglia got downright Firebaggery. From Salon: You’re getting an exclusive, because I haven’t said a word about this publicly. Journalists have tried to get me to

06 Oct 2012

NPR Debate between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein moderated by Guy Raz of All Things Considered on the economy, health care & the role of gov’t

It looks like NPR is following Democracy Now and is giving the public what they are clamoring for. Alternative options to kabuki theater and managed democracy. This is short, but far more insightful on the real issues of the day, as opposed to the other debate fiasco, which was nothing

21 Sep 2012

VIDEO: Jill Stein Interview with Thom Hartmann

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President joins Thom Hartmann to discuss the undemocratic nature of U.S. elections…

16 Sep 2012

VIDEO: Jerry White (Socialist Equality Candidate for President) on RT: US has best govt money can buy

Another frank, rational discussion with another socialist presidential candidate. Key tidbits:

15 Sep 2012

VIDEO: Stewart Alexander (Socialist Party of USA Candidate for President) on The Stossel Show

Obviously, they brought him on as a set up. They lined him up with four right winger Presidential candidates (Obama & Romney impersonators, Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode) with a rabid right winger (John Stossel) hosting. (The snarky “Welcome Comrade” intro was cute! Stay classy guys!) Needless to say, my

30 Aug 2012

Debunking Pathological Myths of the 2000 Election: Part 4 – The Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Workers World Party, & Natural Law Party did not steal liberal votes from Gore, but for some reason Nader did

A recap: Part 1 looked at the composition data of Nader votes, which clearly show Nader overwhelmingly took votes from Ross Perot voters, not Democrats Part 2 looked at the composition data of Democrat voters, which showed hundreds of thousands of Dems voting Red, and a pittance voting Green Part

29 Aug 2012

Debunking Pathological Myths of the 2000 Election: Part 3 – Polling data proves that Nader voters did not “switch sides” during the campaign

Kevin Zeese pointed out long ago that 62% of Nader’s voters were Republicans, independents, third-party voters and nonvoters. In other words, these were not Democrat voters who switched sides. This is completely corroborated by the exit poll data from CNN. Progressive Review did a review of national and Florida polls

27 Aug 2012

Debunking Pathological Myths of the 2000 Election: Part 2 – Democrat defections to Bush (Blue Dogs & Bush Democrats) caused Gore to lose FL

  A continuation of Part 1, a series that disproves the myth that alternative parties caused the world to come to an end a dozen years ago. It is simply another tribalist ‘veal pen’ authored fairy tale with little to no evidence to back it up, other than “I saw it

26 Aug 2012

Debunking Pathological Myths of the 2000 Election: Part 1 – CNN exit polls prove that Nader did not cost Gore FL

The truthiness of this has been blown way out of proportion for far too long. It’s so bad even 3rd party supporters even believe it. I’d like to just dispense with this nonsense once and for all, and be done with it. As the Obama vultures come out from hiding

16 Aug 2012

The Avocado Declaration

(cross-posted to oldelmtree.com) What is the point of being a liberal if we silence ourselves when our voices are needed most? Why be a liberal when we fail to act exactly when our voices are needed most in the voting booth? The best fauxgressives can do is offer a hollow,