27 May 2014

Democrats’ Dark Money Group Holds Secretive Meeting With Fracking Industry

Last week in Washington DC, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s political dark money group met with corporate funders at the DC headquarters of the American Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA). ANGA is the lead lobby group for the fracking and shale industry, with a budget of $69 million in 2012. O’Malley’s group

30 Jan 2014

Which part of the SOTU was written by the oil industry? [quiz]

Test your BS meter with this one question quiz: Which part of Obama’s State of the Union was written by the oil industry? a) “America is closer to energy independence than we’ve been in decades” b) “natural gas – if extracted safely, it’s the bridge fuel that can power our economy

21 Jan 2014

West Virginians still need water after coal chemical spill

On January 9th, Freedom Industries, a company that stores chemicals for the coal industry, spilled 7,500 gallons of Crude Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM), a little known, little understood compound into the Elk river. The spill occurred one mile upriver from the water intake that supplies tap water for all of West Virginia‘s

16 Dec 2013

“Serious” environmentalists suggest fracking China

Richard Muller, an University of California Berkeley physicist known for renouncing his climate change “skepticism”, has recently released a report that positions fracking as a cure for air pollution concerns, especially in China. The report claims that shale gas, accessed by the fracking process, is a “Wonderful gift that has arrived right on

19 Nov 2013

Proposed fracking regs in Colorado, industry admits dangerous air pollution

With approval from major drilling and fracking companies, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has proposed a set of regulations to reduce pollution from methane and other dangerous gases leaked by the oil and gas industry. The rules are focused on fracking wells, a mostly unregulated drilling technology that has allowed an unprecedented increase in fossil fuel extraction

23 Oct 2013

More Questions than Answers in Tesoro’s North Dakota Oil Spill

North Dakota, long known for its cattle ranches and open spaces, has recently become one of the oil and gas industry’s most prized (and profitable) possessions, thanks to the advent of fracking. However, the price of oil and gas industry development is paid in destruction to the environment and strains

21 Oct 2013

This Is Why Chemical Plants Explode

By John Deans, Toxics Campaigner for Greenpeace USA With the media flurry since the West, Texas explosion it would seem that chemical disasters are somehow a new issue. Yet, communities who live near these facilities and workers who operate them have lived with these dangers for decades. President Obama, too,

18 Jul 2013

Senator James Inhofe gloats over Google funding, fundraises off protests

Originally posted to Polluterwatch James Inhofe, the Senator from Oklahoma, is one of the most outspoken and bombastic deniers of climate change and attackers of science, bar none. He tried to criminally investigate 17 climate scientists whose emails were hacked and leaked. He “wrote” a “book” called The Greatest Hoax,

26 Jun 2013

The only thing the coal industry recycles: PR talking points

Originally posted to Grist by Joe Smyth, Greenpeace media Officer Among the highlights of President Obama’s climate change speech was an explicit recognition that polluting industries and the members of Congress who do their bidding will oppose climate action with the same talking points they have used for decades to try

26 Jun 2013

This is what it’s like to live in Exxon’s Mayflower oil spill

On March 29, ExxonMobil spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil in the small town of Mayflower, Arkansas. Exxon, the most profitable corporation in history, has yet to account for more than 126,000 gallons of the spilled oil. Now, months after the spill, dangerous contaminants are being detected