14 Mar 2015

US To Venezuela “Resistance is Futile”

Glenn Greenwald does an excellent analysis of President Obama’s declaration, to bring punitive sanctions, that Venezuela is a grave threat to US security interests. From the Intercept: by Glenn Greenwald The White House on Monday announced the imposition of new sanctions on various Venezuelan officials, pronouncing itself “deeply concerned by the Venezuelan government’s

25 Feb 2015

Video: ISIS “The Ebola of Terrorist Threats”

I was watching Barbara Boxer, the leading Anti-war progressive in the senate, shill for the military industrial complex on Democracy Now asserting that ISIS, if unchecked, would soon destroy the world. Since ISIS does not have an Army, Navy,or Air Force nor large munitions and they would need to buy

21 Feb 2015

Video: MSNBC Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

If any organization had a hand in denigrating progressives and progressive causes it has been MSNBC. They cancelled their most popular daytime show, The Donahue Show, because he was not going to blindly support the war on Iraq. They went straight down hill from there. Their credibility damaged greatly by

19 Feb 2015

Video: Reject Elizabeth”the establishment tool” Warren, Support Jon Stewart for President

Many right-wingers like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barrack Obama were elected to high office with virtually no political background.  All three of these right-wingers were re-elected to office. Their lack political experience/baggage did not adversely effect their elect-ability.  Jon Stewart would be a progressive version of this right-wing model

11 Feb 2015

Video: Arming Ukraine Debate- Establishment General vs Dissenting Professor

This is why they avoid debate at all costs. The professor does an excellent job of forwarding the concept that it is the wrong strategy to arm coup leaders like we did in Vietnam. The stakes could not be higher. In an effort to save Europe from eternal/internal conflict Germany

10 Feb 2015

Video:John Oliver Warns Vaxxers. Only 2 of 36 Vaccines Tested, 1 Ingredient!

Mr. Oliver informs us that blind acceptance of the industrial medical complex is complete folly. That is why the “doctors” guarantees of safety of vaccines when only 2 of the 36 vaccines our children are given are even tested for Autistic triggers and only 1 of the in ingredients of

09 Feb 2015

Video: John Kiriakou- for the hour, on Democracy Now

Excellent interview, so many are turning Democracy Now as their news station of choice. John is a real hero, we wish him the best. He would do it again! interview continues at Democracy Now

07 Feb 2015

REQUEST: Video of a Debate- Establishment “Vaccinators” vs. the Free and Fully Informed “Consenters” UPDATE-

UPDATE-found an indication of what the debate might look like This is the Autism/vaccine version of Lanny Davis attacking Jane Hamsher for forwarding facts by claiming a personal attack, it’s what happens when the facts are not on your side, very nice The world standard on vaccinations is free and

05 Feb 2015

Video: Why Accept, Without Question, PHARMA’s Vaccine Claims?

They claimed that Saddam had WMD and was on the verge Nuclear Bomb Capability. At the time they had preformed over 600 unfettered on-site investigations to prove, to the world, that he possessed WMD. It was not possible that they believed that Saddam had stockpiles of WMD, but they said

04 Feb 2015

Video: Obama the Drug Warrior Demands “Increase Drug War Funding to $28,600,000,000.00”-to Prosecute the War

So that is what causes addiction. Since states are legalizing the drug war’s favorite target, small amounts of marijuana,it is difficult to understand Obama’s request to increase drug war spending. We need to persecute the drug war in a more substantial way requiring substantially more money be taken from other